Missouri Law Blocks Scholarships for Undocumented Students

A new state law would block undocumented students in Missouri from receiving a state scholarship that covers two years of tuition at community colleges, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

Earlier this year, the Missouri Legislature approved two measures that would affect college costs for undocumented students. First, lawmakers passed a bill that would require state institutions to charge these students the highest possible rate to attend – in some cases, double the amount that they expected. Then, the legislature enacted a proposal (SB 224) that would bar undocumented students from receiving the state’s A+ Scholarship.

Missouri’s Democratic Governor Jay Nixon vetoed Senate Bill 224 on the grounds that making the students ineligible for the scholarship was tantamount to punishing "children who have done nothing wrong." But late last week, the state's General Assembly voted to override the governor's veto, meaning undocumented students who met the scholarship program's requirements would no longer have their tuition and fees covered by the state.

College officials estimate that the new law could affect hundreds of students' ability to attend college when it goes into effect on October 16.


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