Meet the AACRAO Staff: Corinne MacIntire, Associate Director of Membership and Awards

”Meet the AACRAO Staff” is an occasional Connect feature. It’s one way for members to get to know some of the folks hard at work in the AACRAO office. Another way? Come see us in D.C.--we’ll roll out the welcome mat for you!

This issue, we talked with Corinne MacIntire, Associate Director of Membership and Awards, and organizer of AACRAO office pizza parties. You can meet her in person at next year’s Annual Meeting in Baltimore.

What do you currently do at AACRAO?

Currently, I work with membership and awards. I help get our members renewed and make sure they’re all happy, and I help coordinate nominations and voting for awards.

How long have you been at AACRAO?

Eight years! I actually started the day before I graduated high school, then took off the next day to go to graduation and I’ve been here ever since.  I started as the receptionist, which worked out well for me.  You meet everyone right away when you’re sitting at the front desk. And answering the phone all day helps you learn all aspects of what AACRAO does. 

Even doing reception though, my main focus has always been in Membership.  I've always liked Membership; my favorite part of my job is being able to help a member when they call with a question.

So, it’s a Saturday. It’s two in the afternoon, and it’s perfect outside. What are you usually doing?

In the summertime, all I want to be doing is lounging by a lake or on the beach somewhere.  I've made due with a kiddie pool in the backyard from time to time, but when I can get beyond my own backyard its always better! I can't imagine a more ideal afternoon than sitting in the sun and splashing around in the water with good friends.