Jeb Bush's claims about too few Friday college classes and workload of tenured professors

"There are a lot of beautiful buildings being built on college campuses, but you can’t get a course on Friday afternoon. And a professor, tenured professor, may not be teaching many more courses than one per semester."

–former Florida governor Jeb Bush (R), at a town hall event in Peterborough, N.H., Jan. 7

Bush often uses these two examples — the lack of college courses on Friday afternoons and the lessened workload for some tenured professors — on the campaign trail to argue for higher education reforms that encourage disclosing four-year graduation rates and lower tuition costs.

Bush said universities need to be held accountable and "have a skin in the game." Rather than having an incentive to graduate students within four years in an affordable way, colleges actually have an incentive to prolong students' graduation "because the government will pay for it," he said.

How much truth is there to these claims?

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