Education Dept. Knew of Whistle-Blower Complaint Before Easing Restrictions on For-Profit College

Weeks before the Education Department sent a letter to a for-profit college in Illinois saying it would relax requirements for institutions affected by a troubled accreditor’s loss of federal recognition, the department was alerted that the institution might be abusing federal financial-aid rules.

In an August 9 letter to the department,  Michelle Edwards, president of the Accrediting Council for Colleges and Schools, warned that Northwest Suburban College may have been in violation of Title IV regulations. 

"On June 8, 2017, ACICS received a formal 'whistleblower' complaint from the former librarian of Northwest Suburban College, Mr. Crispien Van Aelst, who makes a number of serious allegations of misrepresentation and abuse, include [sic] possible Title IV fraud," the letter from Edwards read, in part.

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