Delaware Program Works to Get College-Ready Students to College

Delaware's new "Getting to Zero" program has been working to get all high school seniors with an SAT score of at least a 1,500 to enroll in college, reports The New York Times.

State officials began working with the College Board in the fall to mail packages to all 1,800 high school seniors deemed college-ready. The packets included application fee waivers to eight colleges, and students with the highest test scores were encouraged to apply to top colleges. High school guidance counselors and state officials followed up with the students and their families throughout the process. 

Early results show every one of the 1,800 students applied to at least one college, and 98 percent are on track to enroll, the Times reported. 

A study by Caroline Hoxby of Stanford and Christopher Avery of Harvard found that most high-achieving, low-income students did not attend a selective college. That report led to the Getting to Zero program, the Times reported. The program makes college application process a part of high school. For example, students can use computer class to fill out applications, and guidance counselors track how many college-ready students have applied and where.

The next step, the Times reported, is tracking how these students do once enrolled.


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