Connecticut Bill to Track Transfer

A pending Connecticut law would require the state's public universities to release data on credit acceptance for transfer students as well as graduation rates for those students, Inside Higher Ed reported. Additionally, under the legislation, the state's public colleges and universities would not be required to accept more community college credit than they currently do.

The measure, approved by both houses of the state legislature, would mandate that the University of Connecticut and the state's four other public universities publicly release data on which transfer student credits they accept and which they reject. Beyond that, the measure would also require the universities—Southern, Central, Western and Eastern Connecticut State Universities, along with UConn—to publicize their transfer graduation rates.

Supporters of the bill argue that it would make transfer between the state's community colleges and universities more transparent and clear for students, researchers, and the state's legislators.

The final language of the legislation is currently under review by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and his staff, a spokesman told the CT Post.

"If signed and enforced, (the law) should go on a long way to help our students reduce the time and cost of a bachelor's degree," said John Mullane, a counselor at Gateway Community College in New Haven.


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