Comprehensive Student Records Project participants convene in Indianapolis

Participants in the Comprehensive Student Records (CSR) Project came together Nov. 28 and 29 in Indianapolis to showcase innovative approaches to expanding the student transcript. The CSR project is focused on developing comprehensive student records that document evidence of student learning and achievement beyond traditional transcripts.


The #BeyondTranscripts event featured livestreamed panel sessions and deep dives into the successes and lessons learned from the twelve pilot institutions. Key players from AACRAO, NASPA: Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education, and project sponsor Lumina Foundation led the convening.

“The thoughtfulness of the 12 projects was inspiring,” said Tom Green, AACRAO’s Associate Executive Director for Consulting and SEM, who oversaw the project for AACRAO. “Each was different and remarkable in its own way. The integration with institutional mission, faculty governance, student input and even employer feedback was impressive. The partnership with NASPA allowed us to learn from our colleagues and provide multiple perspectives on how these new records intersect with processes, policies, campus culture and student learning, both inside and outside the classroom.”

The first day of the event was so talked about, the event hashtag #BeyondTranscripts, started trending. A few of the tweets can be found below.

Emerging themes

Although each model record has a unique approach, there are significant points of convergence. “Several themes have emerged that are starting to align: learning outcomes, competency-based education, and co-curricular learning,” said AACRAO Executive Director Mike Reilly.


Another common theme: digital deployment for improved versatility and portability. Each model record has a digital aspect.


“New emerging digital records have created great opportunities,” said Reilly. “With the digital landscape, we can do very creative things. We don’t need to think of transcripts as a static, paper document anymore.”

Learning beyond the classroom

The CSR Project directly aligns with Lumina Foundation’s Goal 2025, a commitment to increasing the proportion of Americans with high-quality degrees, certificates and other credentials to 60 percent by 2025. Assuming current rates of degree and certificate production continue, it is estimated that around 24.2 million Americans will earn postsecondary credentials between now and 2025.


“We must recognize that learning occurs anywhere and move beyond the idea that learning only occurs in the classroom,” said Danette Howard, Chief Strategy Officer and Senior Vice President, Lumina Foundation. “It’s clear our way of managing and communicating student learning isn’t working, and we must do something different. These new types of records (that have been piloted), hold great promise to help us get to Goal 2025.”

To learn more, view the archived event or visit AACRAO’s CSR page, and follow #BeyondTranscripts on Twitter.

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