Comprehensive Student Records Project: A live-streamed event

How can student records most accurately reflect student learning? That’s the question that drove the team behind the one-year Comprehensive Student Record Project underway at twelve AACRAO member institutions. Supported by staff and consultants from AACRAO and NASPA: Student Affairs Professionals in Higher Education, and funded by a grant from Lumina Foundation, the project supported the innovative work of institutions developing new ways to document student learning and achievement beyond traditional course names, credits, and grades, including co-curricular activities and other educational experiences. Comprehensive Student Records will be created as digital secure documents and may be a part of or supplemental to the traditional transcripts used to exchange student records today.

This November 28-29, a convening will showcase the final efforts of the participating institutions; what they learned and what these results mean for capturing all learning, regardless of how and where it happens. The event will be live streamed by the Lumina Foundation starting at 12:25PM ET on November 28. Click here for more information and to tune in on Monday, November 28.