Colleges Pledge to Increase Study Abroad Efforts

The Institute of International Education (IIE) announced on Monday a new initiative that aims to double the number of American students who study abroad by 2020. More than 150 colleges have signed on to the Generation Study Abroad initiative, pledging to take steps toward that goal.

The number of Americans studying abroad has increased over the years – it's more than tripled in the past two decades – but recent year-over-year growth has been modest, on the order of 1-4 percent annually, Inside Higher Ed reported. At the same time that overall study abroad participation has increased, the average duration of study abroad programs has decreased, with much of the growth in study abroad being in programs of eight weeks or less.

IIE says that it wants to recruit at least 500 American universities that are committed to significantly increasing their study abroad participation rates. Among the initial 156 commitments, universities have pledged to increase scholarship support for study abroad, to address issues of curricular integration, and to expand the diversity of students studying abroad.


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