Colleges Grapple With How to Help Students Still Left in Limbo by Trump's Travel Ban

President Trump announced his executive order barring travelers, including students, from a half-dozen predominantly Muslim countries shortly after he took office in late January.

But even in the dead of winter, officials at Ohio University were already thinking about summer. While students from the affected countries would be permitted, under the order, to complete their studies, if they went home to visit family and friends, they might not be able to return to the United States. So Ohio administrators began drawing up a plan to offer summer housing to students stranded by the travel ban.

The university is not alone. The academic year may be winding down, but colleges still find themselves grappling with fallout from the ban. Some, like Ohio, are providing housing, while others are scrambling to help international students, who are restricted from working off campus, find on-campus jobs or internships. Many have stepped up their summertime programming to serve unusually large populations of foreign students who have elected not to travel home between semesters.

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