California Fires Close Colleges

Colleges across Southern California are suspending or canceling classes -- and, in some case, final exams -- as wildfires continue to ravage the region and disrupt daily life for affected residents. In addition to keeping their campuses and students safe, colleges are also having to deal with logistical issues brought on by delayed homework assignments and commutes disrupted by fires far away from campus.

Closures have ranged in length and time, but perhaps the most disruptive to students and faculty alike was at Thomas Aquinas College, a small, private liberal arts institution in Santa Paula, where the Thomas fire has been raging nearby. The college evacuated its students last week and opened this past weekend so that students could retrieve their belongings, though it remains closed. Final exams were canceled, and after some back-and-forth -- and considering sending final exams to students over break to do at home -- the institution decided it would hold this semester's final exams at the start of the next semester.

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