C&U Vol. 77, No. 3 / Winter 2002 (.pdf)


Recruiting Urban and Rural Students: Factors Influencing the Postsecondary Education Institution Choices of Rural Versus Urban High School Students
Timothy D. Hodges and John E. Barbuto, Jr.

A Study of the Effect of the Implementation of the Plus/Minus Grading System on Graduate Student Grades
Bobby G. Malone, Jacquelyn S. Nelson, and C. Van Nelson

An Evaluation of a College of Education Graduate Admissions Process: A Non-registrant Perspective
Kevin J. O'Neill, Catherine C. George, Victor L.Willson, Troy G. Courville, Jennifer L. McGee, Alfred J. Amado, Jesus Tanguma, and David L.Walker

Mathematics Placement Tests and Gender Bias
Celine D'Souza Dorner and Ivan Hutton

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