Articulation Checklist Draft

Sample Checklist

  • The program(s) which you would like to articulate, to include length of program
  • The specific degree and major which is of most interest to articulate
  • Curriculum plan(s)
  • Course descriptions for each subject, with as much detail as possible; this should include classroom/contact hours required for each subject
  • Information on required practical/industry training, if applicable
  • Academic Information:
  1. Entry requirements to begin program of study at your institution
  2. English proficiency requirements, if any
  3. Grading system and credit system
  4. Minimum graduation requirements
  5. Sample transcript, or certificate, if available
  • Documentation of government recognition as educational institution and any appropriate accreditations
  1. Written agreement(s) with institutions/organizations for authorization to utilize external curricula
  • Academic contact name and email for correspondence
  • Name, title, address and telephone for the official to whom the articulation agreement should be sent
  1. President’s name and specific title to address agreement 

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