Advancing the SEM Agenda at the Community/Technical College - Leadership and Change Management Lessons from the Front Lines

The landscape of enrollment at today's 2-year instiution is a roller-coaster. With declines in state-funding and increased demands of accountability and value community/technical colleges sometimes struggle to implement a SEM culture and make inroades in recruitment, retention and placement.

This session will focus on sharing York Technical College's pathway to implementing a SEM culture and the lessons learned along the journey that is still continuing.

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Monique Perry

Dean of Enrollment Services

York Technical College

Addressing Completion and Accountability at Community Colleges

Tuesday, November 03, 2015 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

What inspired you to present this topic at the AACRAO SEM Conference?

The session will focus on change and culture and how it unfolds when a 2-year college attempts to implement strategic enrollment management. 

In the last AACRAO SEM Conference, I presented my dissertation research on Millennials.  I was encouraged by staff to share some of the experiences from being part of a team working towards a SEM culture.

What were some challenges you encountered in implementing a SEM culture at York Technical College?

We are still in the process of institutionalizing SEM. I don’t believe you ever “fully implement” it, as it is evolving. However, when we started the SEM journey, the College was experiencing enrollment declines, and the President recognized the importance of us doing our work in a different, more strategic way. Challenges often occur with communication across divisions, Student Affairs, Academic Affairs and other parts of the College, along with departments that directly influence enrollment on the front lines. Not only do you have to look at your strategies differently, you have to examine your organization to determine what state its in to make the transformation.

What are some key lessons you hope attendees will gain from your session?

The session will be a balance of lessons learned/pragmatic strategies from the journey as it relates to change management, communication, and setting the foundation for results. We saw great gains during the initial implementation, and believe in the SEM strategy. Now, we are continuing the institutionalization of SEM and focusing on the recalibration of process, technology, and the organization itself. I hope that our lessons, and our focus areas going forward can help other institutions who are embarking on this journey, or possibly offer some reframing for those that may be looking to refresh their strategies and approaches.

What are you looking forward to at the AACRAO SEM Conference?

I am a lifelong learner, so I look forward to attending sessions, presenting, while also connecting with fellow enrollment/college colleagues. AACRAO SEM is a national forum that provides a unique opportunity to those of us that are focused on the important work of enrollment.