Additional Answers on NSLDS Enrollment Reporting

In March, AACRAO staff and representatives met with Federal Student Aid staff at the U.S. Education Department to discuss the nearly 1,000 institutions that were out of compliance in their National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) enrollment reporting. Specifically, these institutions are failing to reach the 90 percent mark in terms of the percentage of students on their NSLDS Student Status Confirmation Report (SSCR) rosters with valid program codes.

In June, AACRAO followed up on this meeting by hosting a webinar where representatives from Department of Education the National Student Clearinghouse provided an overview of the issue and fielded compliance questions. 

Over 500 individuals attended the webinar which concluded with a Q&A session. With high attendance numbers, not all questions were answered in the alotted time. As such, the Department of Education and the National Student Clearinghouse agreed to follow up with a post-webinar Q&A form.

The document tackles a host of additional issues not discussed in the webinar, including:

  • Why did the Department require schools to report program-level information about students’ enrollment and how has this enhanced enrollment reporting?
  • A school admits students from abroad who are ineligible for Federal financial aid because of their immigration status. Do those students need to be reported to NSLDS?
  • Are schools required to report a student’s history of enrollment in all programs the student may have been enrolled in at the school?
  • A school has a large percentage of enrolled students who are not working towards a degree, certificate, or other credential awarded by that school. This is causing the school’s program-level enrollment reporting percentage to fall below the 90% threshold. What can the school do to be deemed in complicate with NSLDS enrollment reporting requirements?
  • Where should schools make corrections, on the Clearinghouse site or in NSLDS?  What about students that are in NSLDS but not in NSC?
  • How can schools get more information about the Enrollment Reporting process in general, and about Program Enrollment reporting, and errors and how to fix them?

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