A Look Back at #AACRAOctober

For the month of October, @AACRAO led weekly #EMChat discussions in preparation for the SEM Conference in Hollywood, Florida.  Every Thursday at 9 PM ET, enrollment management professionals across the United States logged in to Twitter to discuss all things strategic enrollment management. 

"People often stereotype social media users as the younger generation,” said AACRAO Deputy Director Melanie Gottlieb.  “But especially in the professional Twitter space, you’d be surprised to find that stereotype does not hold up.  #EMChat participants tend to be people who are very engaged in social media networking, and I think AACRAO can really benefit from interacting with thought leaders in this space."

Read the Storify archives of each #EMChat during the month of October here:

October 1: #AACRAOctober: Organizing your Institution for SEM

October 8: #AACRAOctober: Recruitment and Marketing — Starting the SEM Lifecycle

October 15: #AACRAOctober: Research & Data for SEM

October 22: #AACRAOctober: Improving the Student Experience — Retention and Success in SEM

October 29: #AACRAOctober: 2015 Strategic Enrollment Management Conference Prep!


For live-tweets and more SEM Conference resources, follow @AACRAO on Twitter.

For more information about #EMChatread this Connect article on utilizing Twitter and #EMChat for professional development.