5 ways to advance your career using social media

Strategic usage of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networking sites can help you establish networks and further your career -- and, if you're in the market, make you a competitive job candidate. 

These five tips can get you started:

1. Establish a professional online presence.

According to a CareerBuilder survey, almost 40 percent of employers use social media to research potential employees before making hiring decisions.  Create an online professional identity on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites to display job history, accomplishments and potential.  Use these sites to friend, follow and connect with colleagues and industry specialists. Search your name as an employer might to see what information an HR person might come across. Then, aim to manage your online identity in a way that communicates professionalism and discretion. 

 2. Join industry-specific social media groups and participate in online forums.

Use LinkedIn to connect with association and career groups and participate in discussions for tips on your job search.  In public or semi-private forums related to your profession, make contributions to establish your online reputation as a source for content and knowledge in your industry.

 3. Use social media to network at events and conferences.

To demonstrate your commitment to professional development and continuing education, maintain your online presence while attending conference sessions and networking events.  Use conference or event-related hashtags to engage with other conference attendees on Twitter.  After networking events, use LinkedIn to connect with new contacts and continue the conversation.

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 4. Create a personal site to further strengthen your online identity.

Consider creating a landing page to enhance your personal online brand, especially if you have a common name.  Landing pages can integrate all your social media profiles and provide job recruiters information about who you are.  Taking just a few minutes to create a free landing site or a blog can reinforce your online identity and industry expertise.  By adding this personal touch, you can demonstrate to potential employers how you can culturally and socially fit into their work environment.


5. Monitor your influence and visibility and modify your strategy.

Do you know your Klout score?  Klout analyzes all your social media profiles to analyze your social media presence.  Use Klout to understand what topics you are influential about and how you can increase your social media influence. 


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