'Dropping the Ball' on Gay Athletes

'Dropping the Ball' on Gay Athletes

April 08, 2013

A new report from Campus Pride, a gay student advocacy group, finds that gay athletes are more likely to experience harassment than straight athletes. The report says there is a disconnect on campuses between the open discussion of inclusiveness in general and a relative silence within athletics programs. The report surveyed gay and straight student athletes. Campus Pride recommends that colleges and universities learn and use terminology respectful of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer (LGBTQ) population and avoid words with negative connotations. Intercollegiate athletics should also offer a visible and supportive presence at events such as National Coming Out Day and LGBT Pride Week. Athletic teams should implement NCAA policies that are inclusive of sexual and gender identity, such as the 2011 NCAA Policy on Transgender Inclusion. LGBTQ athletes need to feel safe and supported by their departments when harassment occurs. Teams should develop and advertise procedures for reporting incidents and respond appropriately.

'Dropping the Ball' on Gay Athletes
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March 18, 2013

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