Writing Guidelines

Writing Guidelines for Conceptual or Instructional Articles or Presentations

Conceptual/Instructional Presentations or Articles - Definition

  • A description of an approach, methodology, procedure, policy, or practice in general terms without extensive reference to a specific institution's practice.


  • Electronic Formats for Submission of Materials: Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel, Portable Document Format (PDF)
  • Structure Guidelines for Writing: Whatever format is best suited to the subject. The format listed below is offered as an option for consideration:
I.     Introduction and Item/Issue Description
II.    Historical Overview
III.   Critical Issues and/or Elements
IV.  Summary and/or Recommendations

- Resources/Bibliography
- Books, articles, monographs, presentations
- List Serves
- Web Sites

V.   Other Resources (e.g., government agencies and other associations)
VI.   Models/Samples
VII.  Key Terms (Glossary)
  • Style Guidelines: The Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edition

Path to Publication

  • Author(s), Committee Chair, V.P. for the Committee, AACRAO Members Only Web Site and/or AACRAO Special Report

Examples of Conceptual/Instructional Presentations or Articles

  • Staging a Successful Graduation Ceremony, Evaluation of Foreign Credentials, Life for the New Admissions Professional, Developing an Operational Student Marketing Calendar, Document Imaging Dos and Don'ts, How is Your Institution's Role Changing in the 21st Century?, Developing a Training Procedures Manual and Training Schedule, Managing and Being Managed, Laughing Through Adversity, Seven Keys of Highly Effective People Applied to You, Bulletins on the Web-From Initial Proofs to Final Distribution