Operations and Business Process Management

Functional Description

Evaluate the staffing and process structure and identify the optimal configuration to complete necessary tasks and meet student service goals. This would include the ability to anticipate workloads, appropriately deploy staff, and evaluate business processes for efficiency and quality standards.

Content knowledge requirements: Understanding of the student enrollment cycle, the academic calendar and the workload required to manage them. Knowledge of workload capacity of individual staff, and ability to calculate the overall staffing requirements. Understanding of business processes and automation capabilities. Awareness that strategic deployment of operation staffing is essential to effective student service.

Skill requirements

Ethical requirementsConduct aligned with the established AACRAO principles of professional ethics and practice in academic and enrollment services. Ensure that campus codes of conduct and ethics are followed.

Expertise Levels

Entry levelGeneral understanding of the processes and policies around registration, transcript production, course and classroom scheduling, faculty grading, and related tasks.

Intermediate levelManagement experiences of an operational unit within a Registrar’s Office. Document and review business processes for continuous improvement and implement changes to them as necessary to support the excellent student service and overall institutional and student success.

Expert levelAlignment of operational staffing and technology across the various units to maximize effectiveness and contain costs. Implementation of process improvements and/or automations. Plan for annual budget needs to increase or redistribute resources across the office.