Emerging Technologies: Data Integration

As campuses implemented student information systems (SIS) aimed at delivering the full range of services over a student lifecycle, invariably they found themselves needing to add applications and programs to meet specific goals that were not adequately served by their SIS. These have included learning management systems (LMS), degree audit systems, course scheduling software, advising software, student e-portfolios, customer relationship management (CRM) systems and others. Many of these applications were designed to address specific needs but were not designed to communicate with each other or share data with the student information system.  

This data integration challenge has limited institutions ability to develop more real-time services to students who are in need of academic assistance, hampered their ability to develop more comprehensive students records where evidence of learning and engagement are “stuck” in different application platforms, created reporting challenges to meet compliance and accountability obligations, and generally made it difficult or impossible to make improvements in student service delivery by not fully understanding the full range of student engagement at the institutions.

Additional Emerging Technologies