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Model Statement 3:

For Use in Disclosing Graduation, Completion and Transfer-out Rates to Prospective Student Athletes, Parents and Other Required Parties

Should be Used by All Title IV Schools that Award Athletic Aid

Notes and Instructions to Institutions:

1. The following charts/statements are Samples that can be used to Disclose the Student Right-to-Know 
information (i.e., Graduation, Completion and Transfer-out Rates) to Potential Athletes, Parents, Coaches, and Guidance Counselors. 
* They should be used by all schools that award Athletic Aid in Addition to Model Statement 1 or 2. 
*Four-year schools are not obligated to disclose the graduation/transfer-out rates until 2003 (i.e., for the 1996-97 cohort). Enrollment data and information on the number of students receiving athletic aid must be disclosed now.

2. This information should not be construed as legal advice. You are encouraged to consult with your 
institution's general counsel to ensure full compliance with the Student Right-to-Know regulations.

3. Items in parentheses ( ) need to be filled in by the institution. Bracketed items [ ] may not apply to 
your institution.

4. Dates, numbers and percentages will change annually.

5. Information disclosed must be consistent with information filed in the Spring 2001 IPEDS/Graduation 
Rate Survey (GRS). NCAA schools should contact the NCAA about special disclosure arrangements, 
e.g., NCAA can satisfy disclosure requirements to high school coaches and guidance counselors by 
publishing comparable data and sending it to all high schools (approval by Dept. of Education is 
Required). Disclosures to potential athletes and parents can not be satisfied this way.

6. Disclosures must be made at the time an Offer of Athletic Aid is made to a Prospective student athlete.

7. Possible Disclosure Methods: Disclosures can be posted on a school's web site for coaches and 
guidance counselors, but disclosures to potential student athletes and their parents must be one-on-
one (e.g., included in Letter of Offer of Athletic Aid). Disclosures to prospective athletes and parents 
cannot be made by use of the Internet.