2016 AACRAO Technology & Transfer Conference

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Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERPs) that include Student Information Systems (SISs) were heavily implemented over the past 10-15 years. The vast majority of campuses use these ERPs and they are the predominant means by which student records are administered in higher education.  However, the landscape upon which these systems are built is dynamic (e.g. SaaS, multitenancy, data analytics, etc.) and as our business needs change (CBE, Comprehensive Student Records, Interoperability, Integrated Planning and Advising Systems (IPAS), etc.), so does our dependency on our applications and systems. The potential of these systems to fundamentally change, improve, or provide the necessary information for curriculum management and student support on behalf of our campuses is far reaching. 

The adoption and implementation of an ERP/SIS is very important and a far-reaching decision.  The dedication of the resources, the adoption of “best practice” solutions, and the re-codification of system of record can/will dictate your ability to support your campus now and in the near and far term. For those institutions that have already adopted an ERP/SIS, these systems now represent a “legacy” operational system that must be re-evaluated when faced with curricular and technical innovation.  Will this installed system support the directions their campus wishes to go?  Can they afford to install a new system?  Can they afford NOT to?  How can institutions balance their need for a robust system of record with the nimbleness of a smartphone app installed and operated at an affordable price?

The AACRAO Technology & Transfer Conference Future of the ERPs/SIS track will provide student record and admissions professionals the basic information needed to evaluate and consider ERP systems.  The sessions will provide a foundation for understanding the features and functions of ERPs, the current state of technology supporting them, plans for future development, an opportunity to review and compare the leading ERP/SISs in the space, and last but not least, an opportunity to discuss issues and problems with your AACRAO colleagues.  In a manner similar to the Comprehensive Student Record track held during the 2015 Technology & Transfer Conference, attendees will have the opportunity to contribute to a white paper summarizing the information presented at the conference and obtained through the collaboration of all who attend.  It is truly a great opportunity to be exposed to the major ERP providers and others in the student records space, and directly engage with their representatives and your colleagues. 

The Future of the ERP Track breakout sessions are summarized below. The track is anchored by the Monday plenary. 

What is the Future of ERP/SISs?  What Can They do for My Institution?
Sunday, 2:15 PM-3:15 PM
In this first session in the Future of the ERP track, the presenters will frame the issues and challenges of adopting, installing, and operating an institutional ERP. Participants will be provided information regarding the nature of ERPS, AACRAO's objectives in organizing the track, as well as background and the state of technology information.
Jim Bouse, University of Oregon
Michael Reilly, AACRAO

Ellucian: Find, Recruit, and Enroll Your Students!
Monday, 8:15 AM-9:15 AM
Ellucian delivers an innovative portfolio of technology solutions and strategic guidance to help education institutions thrive in a dynamic world. More than 2,400 institutions in 40 countries look to Ellucian for the ideas that will move education forward, helping people everywhere discover their futures through learning.
Rick Skeel, Ellucian

Salesforce Connected Campus
Monday, 10:00 AM-11:00 AM
Come hear the "Connected Campus" strategy and how universities across the globe are placing students at the center of everything they do. Hear about all of the work we're is doing in the Higher Education space and learn about our latest technology release - HEDA (Higher Education Data Architecture). Also hear how about getting a 360-degree view of its students, events, business partners and alumni, while simultaneously and eliminating time-consuming pen-and-paper processes.
Nathalie Mainland, Salesforce

Oracle PeopleSoft Campus Solutions
Monday, 11:15 AM-12:15 PM
Oracle Solutions for Education & Research help organizations harness the power of the cloud, along with mobile and social technologies, to modernize systems and processes and accelerate the transformation to a modern campus.  Oracle delivers innovative solutions to help improve outcomes, streamline operations, and meet the expectations of today's students.
Mark Armstrong, Oracle Campus Solutions

Conference Luncheon and Panel Discussion: What is the Future of ERPs?
Monday, 12:30 PM-2:45 PM
Three panelists—each of whom represents an SIS provider—will provide some guidance regarding the future of ERPs. The representatives will be asked to provide the salient characteristics of their solutions, the primary distinctions that define their systems, and their roadmaps for future development of their systems.
Mark Armstrong, Oracle Campus Solutions
Kari Branjord, Ellucian
Liz Dietz, Workday
Adrian Cornelius, University of Maryland - College Park
Mark McConahay, Indiana University – Bloomington

Workday Student
Monday, 3:30 PM-4:30 PM
Designed for today's mobile generation, Workday Student is the first true cloud application for higher education. Learn how Workday Student will transform the way institutions serve and satisfy their constituents.
Liz Dietz, Workday

Kuali Student
Monday, 4:45 PM-5:45 PM
Kuali Student allows institutions to manage the complete lifecycle of courses and programs with simple, yet powerful and flexible workflow, rules, and forms.  Come hear how Kuali Student can support your campus and where we are on our development roadmap.
Joel Dehlin, Kuali.co

ERP: Institutional Panel
Tuesday, 8:00 AM-9:00 AM
A panel of campus officers will discuss the issues, challenges, opportunities and future plans associated with the identification and adoption of a new ERP.  The panelists will analyze the issues from different perspectives:  Adoption from legacy, adoption from existing ERP, chose to develop rather than adopt an ERP and the perspective from the IT organization.
Dennis Cromwell, Indiana University
Julie Fell, University of Iowa

Jim Gaston, South Orange Community College District
Bob Kubat, Penn State University
Mark Simpson, University of Utah

What is the Future of ERP/SISs?  What Did we Learn?
Tuesday, 9:15 AM-10:15 AM
In this final session of “The Future of the ERP” track, participants will de-brief and help develop the final set of issues, challenges, and salient characteristics of ERPs from a student record professional's perspective.  Come ready to engage colleagues, ask questions, identify issues, and discuss future features.  The dialogue will be integral for the development of the document to be published after the conference.
Jim Bouse, University of Oregon