2016 AACRAO Strategic Enrollment Management Conference


Sunday, November 6
12:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

The Expanding Landscape of Strategic Recruitment and Marketing in 2016
Fee: $225 

Michele Sandlin, AACRAO Consulting
Blake Vawter, Oregon State University

Recruitment is a cornerstone function of SEM and each institution's mission.  Enrollment and revenues depend on strategic, effective recruitment and marketing.  A function of every admissions office is to reach, attract, enroll, and retain "best fit" students to the campus.  This interactive workshop will examine current and explore future recruitment practices at various types of institutions: community college, technical institution, bachelors serving, graduate, professional, and online delivery.  

Marketing and communications should function to provide support to recruitment efforts, to provide information and to incentivize students to act throughout the enrollment funnel. Attendees will examine how and where to build the right relationships and recruitment pipelines to achieve new student enrollment goals. The discussion will focus on expanding the use of data to fully understand from where students have come, potential new markets, and how to develop effective student engagement programs.  Techniques to optimize recruitment efforts with key external stakeholders--workforce development, community relations, high schools, feeder institutions, pipeline undergraduate programs, and parents and families will be discussed.  The workshop will also cover the effective use of marketing platforms and channels to expand outreach and yield, and effective marketing strategies throughout the admissions funnel, in particular the often missed applied/admitted student.


Using Data and Research to Drive SEM Planning
Fee: $225 

Tom Green, AACRAO Consulting
Dan Merian, University of Michigan – Dearborn
Janet Ward, Seattle Pacific University


SEM planning thirsts for data and research.  It separates anecdote from systemic need and, when used well, informs enrollment decision-making.  This workshop is designed to help participants understand the core uses of data and research in SEM plan creation and expands beyond this to discuss a myriad uses of data and research to inform strong planning, operations and measurement.The workshop is designed to acquaint participants who have minimal understanding of data and research with some common examples of these in SEM planning.  For advanced practitioners, the workshop will cover more specific examples of how data can be collected and analyzed.




SEM Data Lab: Hands-on Visualization and Dashboards
Fee: $225

Chris Shaffer, Shawnee State University
Brian Williams, John Carroll University

NEW to AACRAO SEM, a visual analytics workshop designed as a Bring your Own Device (BYOD) opportunity. Participants will be guided through an introduction to data visualization from "scratch" and will learn how to start with a data set and create a working dashboard by the end of the session.  Topics covered will include how to move beyond spreadsheets and create interactive presentations of data to create more powerful analysis opportunities on your campus.  The presenters will present selected data visualization tools and techniques to help participants leave with a good understanding of data viz and empowered to move from consumers to creators of data visualizations.