2016 AACRAO Strategic Enrollment Management Conference

Note: The Registrar 101/FERPA workshop is a two-day event. Although the dates overlap and the workshop is held at the same hotel, this is a separate event from AACRAO's SEM Conference. Separate registration and fees apply. You may register online or by completing the registration form.

Monday, November 7 (Day 1)
9:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. 
Tuesday, November 8 (Day 2)
8:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m.

Member Fees: $435 by September 30 and $460 after September 30
Nonmember Fees: $535 by September 30 and $560 after September 30

Registrar 101 is a journey through the “what” and “how” of the work of the registrar’s office. The goals of Registrar 101 are to develop an understanding of: the basic areas of work and responsibility of the registrar’s office; the integral role the registrar’s office plays in an institution’s academic community; trends in higher education that have an impact on the office of the registrar; and the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to be successful in the registrar profession. A significant portion of the workshop will focus on understanding and applying FERPA.

Registrar 101 provides a unique framework for discussing/learning the fundamentals of the work of the registrar’s office by:
  • exploring the evolving role and mission of the registrar, 
  • providing an in-depth discussion and application of FERPA, 
  • discussing the interplay of academic policies and regulations on the work performed in the Registrar’s Office, 
  • exposing a wide-ranging discussion of the “nuts and bolts” of the work performed in the Registrar’s Office, 
  • exploring the evolving role of the Registrar’s Office in management, customer service, technology application and as a change agent,
  • promoting best practices, and
  • providing a forum for discussing common issues and concerns of those relatively new to the registrar’s profession. 
Registrar 101 is intended for members of the profession who have been in registrar or registrar-related positions for less than three years and want to develop a more solid, expansive understanding of the work of the registrar’s office. Upper-level administrators have also found Registrar 101 gives them a better understanding of the supervisory role they may have of the registrar’s office.

Brad Myers, The Ohio State University
Kimra Schipporeit, University of Nebraska at Kearny
LeRoy Rooker, AACRAO