AACRAO's 102nd
Annual Meeting

New at AACRAO's Annual Meeting: Screening Debut

The videos selected for the Annual Meeting are available here

Videos are an effective way to deliver messaging and content and to create overall interest in your institution. Has your office or department developed a video of which you are especially proud or that is extremely effective?  Now’s your opportunity to share your movie masterpiece with Annual Meeting attendees. 

AACRAO’s Screening Debut will run a continuous loop of institutional videos during breakout session times on Monday and Tuesday, and there will be time for submitters to discuss the concept behind their videos and explain how to develop something similar for your own campus during both lunch hours.

Showcase your institution in one of the categories below:

  • Marketing/Recruiting: These include videos and/or virtual tours to promote your academic programs.
  • Welcome/Orientation: How are new students welcomed to your institution?
  • Training
    • External: Do you have a video for parents so they understand the campus culture and can communicate that to their child?
    • Internal: Do various departments have videos to promote new ideas or technology?
  • Services – Do you have a video that addresses FAQs, whether related to admissions, financial aid, etc.?
  • Philosophy/Culture – Student engagement goes beyond the classroom. Are videos used to promote student organizations and services, as well as campus events and entertainment? No sports-related submissions, please.
  • Potpourri – Does your video not fit into any of the above categories?  Alternate submissions are welcome!



  1. Any AACRAO member institution (no corporate entries) may submit no more than 3 videos.  The submission deadline is Friday, February 19, 2016. You do not have to attend the Annual Meeting to submit a video.
  2. Videos should be no more than 10 minutes in length and been produced between 2013 and 2016.
  3. To submit a video, please e-mail movies@aacrao.org and we will send you submission details.
  4. Videos submitted for the Screening Debut will NOT be used for any purpose other than showing at the 2016 AACRAO Annual Meeting.  Regardless, submitters agree to obtain any and all necessary clearances and permission for this purpose.
  5. Videos will be reviewed by a committee for appropriate content.  Selections will be made by February 26, 2016 and submitters will be notified soon thereafter.  Once accepted, additional details will be provided.