2015 AACRAO Strategic Enrollment Management Conference

Admissions & Advising
While many have traditionally viewed the practice of enrollment management as being about building and shaping a freshman class, the discipline has evolved to encompass a long-term perspective of student success from start to finish. SEM professionals today must be much more proactive about advising students at each stage of the lifecycle to help them make the right decisions and ensure they not only enroll at their institutions but also succeed by first finding the best-fit institution for their needs, and ensuring they are adequately prepared for a higher education environment.

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Canadian Institutions
Many SEM concepts are universal and extend across institutional sectors and national boundaries, but there are unique enrolment dynamics that warrant special attention.  All attendees will benefit from breakout sessions focused on the SEM circumstances at play in Canada.  American colleagues will learn of innovative strategies implemented north of the border that can be applied to leverage student success.

Chief Enrollment Management Officers
Leverage innovative strategies to improve student success on your campus and develop sustainable student enrollment programs. Lead your SEM team: encourage collaboration among departments on campus and create accountability to reach your enrollment goals. 

Compliance & Security
Hear the latest on compliance and security for your institution.  What are others doing at their schools?  How can you incorporate their best practices on your campus?  


Globalization is removing borders and our institutions need to be prepared for a much more diverse population of students.  Is your campus prepared to support these new multicultural students and faculty?

Emerging Issues
Explore emerging issues like using data and analytics to predict your enrollments and optimize your institution.  
Financial Aid & Cost Structures
The rising costs associated with higher education continue to challenge both institutions and students. These sessions will explore some innovative solutions.

Graduate SEM
Not just for undergraduate students, Graduate SEM strategies can help to build enrollments in both Graduate and Professional programs on your campus. 

International SEM
Institutions around the world are increasingly looking to SEM as a conceptual framework for addressing a range of enrollment and operational issues.  These sessions will bring together different SEM perspectives.

Marketing & Brand Loyalty
Let’s face it, attracting potential students now includes marketing your “Brand” and building loyalty to your institution.  Help students find and keep interest in your programs and school through new and exciting marketing methods.

Public Policy and Legislation
Gain a better understanding of current legislative and regulatory issues and their impact on higher education. These sessions will provide an overview of emerging state and federal legislation and public policy matters impacting the work of AACRAO members and their institutions.

Recruitment & College Readiness
Discover enrollment techniques and strategies to help attract well-prepared applicants.  These sessions will cover best practices to shape your applicant pool.

Research, Assessment & Publications
The National Student Clearinghouse Research Center is sponsoring  the Research, Assessment and Publications Track.  Presentations use data to show how different SEM approaches can build enrollment.
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Retention & Student Success
Learn how to support your students, keep them enrolled and achieve academic success through graduation.

Social Networking
A new tool for Enrollment Management, Social Networking can help to spread your message, expand your audience and enhance delivery of services.

Technology & Data Systems
Concentrate on the use of data and technology in order to achieve your enrollment goals.