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Registrar Forum @ Tech: Inputs and Outputs

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The Registrar Forum @ Tech: Inputs and Outputs 

Sunday, July 6 
8:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. 
Fee: $525 Forum Only / $375 If Also Attending Full Conference 
Separate Registration is required to attend this workshop.

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While brick and mortar classroom settings remain a viable and steadfast option, we have ventured into online classes provided within our virtual walls (to “our” students) as well as opening some online classes to “the world.” How does this wealth of technology add to (or diminish) the learning experience of our students? As Registrars, what is our role in this idea of “competency-based” learning, reverse-transfer, assessment, and verification? What are the legislative and intellectual property implications? And, in the end, are we continuing to serve our students appropriately if we hand them the same old academic record we have provided for a hundred years? What are employers and graduate schools expecting? How do we reflect “all of this” on an academic record that is truly useful to our graduates? 

The Registrar Forum @ Tech provides an environment to discuss the principles, issues, foundations, trends, and future directions of the profession both enabled and bounded by information technology. The Forum depth and success are dependent on a combination of the leadership of the Forum faculty along with the involvement and interaction of the Forum participants. The Registrar Forum @ Tech is not meant to be a bits and bytes seminar; rather it is a discussion of mission, principles, opportunities, and administration in the context of a highly networked, 24/7, sophisticated, information-consuming academic world. 

The Registrar Forum @ Tech Faculty 

Tom Black, Associate Vice Provost for Student Affairs and Registrar, Stanford University 
Adrian R. Cornelius, University Registrar, University of Maryland 
Mary Beth Myers, Registrar, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis 
Scott Owczarek, University Registrar, University of Wisconsin - Madison