AACRAO's 100th
Annual Meeting
Education on the Verge: The Precipice of Change

March 30-April 2, 2014 
Colorado Convention Center
Denver, Colorado

Preconference Workshops

Morning Half-Day Workshops
Sunday, March 30,  8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

Enhancing Student Success: Definitions, Data, and Decisions

Workshop ID: 2587
Fee: $100

This workshop focuses on ways in which available student data can be used to develop and implement strategies to enhance student success. Following a discussion defining student success, participants will learn how data and data mining can be integrated with action plans to create effective student success initiatives. The workshop will close with a discussion of determining what and how data can be used to plan strategically for continuous improvement of student success initiatives.

Karen Thurmond, The University of Memphis

The Registrar's Role in Enrollment Management: Setting Priorities and Getting Results 

Workshop ID: 1889
Fee: $100

The role of the registrar in enrollment management continues to evolve. There are many ways in which the registrar's office contributes to the success of the enrollment management model, and to institutional success in the broader sense. This workshop will provide insights into registrars’ top priorities with regards to supporting their institutions' enrollment goals and strategic plan.

Jerry Montag, Northern Illinois University
Reta Pikowsky, Georgia Institute of Technology-Atlanta
Angie Byrd, Northern Illinois University
Judy Doyle, Northern Illinois University

Implementing the FRED Factor of Customer Service 

Workshop ID: 1897
Fee: $115

This session will give attendees an overview of the FRED Factor of customer service as well as some hands-on tools for improving customer service in your area.  Learn the four principles of customer service and then discover ways to develop the FREDs in your organization.  The session will be full of FREDucation, with specific applications to higher FREDucation.  Attendees will receive a copy of the Mark Sanford book, as well as materials to help them apply these principles.

Tammy Aagard, University of Florida