AACRAO's 100th
Annual Meeting
Education on the Verge: The Precipice of Change

March 30-April 2, 2014 
Colorado Convention Center
Denver, Colorado

Preconference Workshops

Afternoon Half-Day Workshops
Sunday, March 30,  12:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.

U.S. Education for International Participants

Workshop ID: 2677
Fee: None

This pre-conference workshop will explain various aspects of the U.S. educational system with special emphasis on the higher education segment. All international registrants are invited to attend.

Dale Gough, AACRAO
Jeff Petrucci, AACRAO
LeRoy Rooker, AACRAO
Matthew Washburn, EducationUSA
Nancy Keteku, EducationUSA
Chenguang (Alex) Lu, EducationUSA
Marina Lhullier Lugao, EducationUSA

The Core Concepts of SEM 

Workshop ID: 2403
Fee: $160

This introductory workshop will provide an overview of the concepts and strategies of strategic enrollment management. Participants will expand their understanding of SEM and take away action plans for achieving enrollment goals upon their return to campus.

Bob Bontrager, AACRAO Consulting
William Serrata, El Paso Community College

Color Lingo: A Colorful Approach to Communication Skill Building 

Workshop ID: 1798
Fee: $100

Knowing the ‘Color Lingo’ of various personality styles helps you recognize the value of different approaches, opens up lines of communication, and fosters synergy by welcoming diverse input and honoring a variety of contributions.  Join us as we learn to identify the communication patterns of others in order to reduce friction and increase personal effectiveness.

Sara Marchello, College of William and Mary
Tana Miller, West Texas A&M University

Business Management 101 for Registrars and Admissions Officers

Workshop ID: 1830
Fee: $120

Registrars and admissions officers often arrive at their positions through different paths, and for many, the path may not include business management training or experience.  Suddenly, through a hard-earned promotion, they often now find themselves supervising many people, who expect great leadership from the new manager.  The course is designed to equip new managers in Records or Admissions with some basic management concepts and the skills for supervising others.

Tod Martin, York College