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Teach Them to Fish: Principles and Procedures for Advising Undergraduate International Students

Posted on April 15 2014by Nancy Keteku

Fundamental Principles •Teach students to think for themselves, take responsibility, and make their own decisions •Teach them how to do their own research •Don’t do anything f...

All about EducationUSA (AACRAO 2014)

Posted on April 15 2014

What is EducationUSA? EducationUSA advisers in 400 centers in 170 countries provide accurate, comprehensive, and current information about study at over 4,500 accredited U.S. colleges and universi...

Accreditation 101

Posted on April 15 2014by Rosemarie Arens

What is Accreditation? •A system of checks and balances in quality assurance and quality improvement •Based on a philosophy of: –Institutional responsibility –Institutiona...

Education in the US, and How International Students are Admitted to Colleges and Universities in the US

Posted on April 15 2014

           For those not raised in the US our educational system surely must be confusing – for it is at times just as confusing to those who have been totally e...

The Rebound Program Contract

Posted on April 9 2014