AACRAO's 100th
Annual Meeting
Education on the Verge: The Precipice of Change

March 30-April 2, 2014 
Colorado Convention Center
Denver, Colorado

Information and Tips for First-Time Attendees

Welcome to your first AACRAO Annual Meeting!  We are excited to have you join us in Denver for our 100th Annual Meeting. This is a great opportunity for you to further your personal and professional growth. Take advantage of all that is offered: 

Attend the Orientation and Welcome
Don’t miss the AACRAO First-Time Attendees’ Orientation and Welcome, on Sunday, March 30, 3:45 – 4:45 p.m.  This is an opportunity for you to meet other first-time attendees, enjoy light refreshments, and learn more about AACRAO.  Many say the best part of the orientation is the small group discussions led by long-time AACRAO members. An invitation will be sent to all first-time attendees prior to the meeting.

Seek Out the Hospitality Area
The Denver Hospitality area is the place to relax, meet new friends (both old and new), locate other attendees, and maybe win a prize. Services available include message boards, restaurant menus, night life and entertainment information, daily publication of the Daily Update, conference evaluation form drop-off, lost and found, and general information. The staff of the hospitality committee will help you locate sessions or tell you where to go sightseeing or shopping. Just let them know what you need – and have fun!

Don’t Be Shy
AACRAO is a friendly group. All AACRAO members, officers, past presidents, regional hosts, and committee members will welcome your questions. If they don’t know an answer, they will find out for you. Just ask!

Be Visible
Use the message board in the hospitality area to find colleagues from your state or region. Leave a message to let them know that you are here. Attend your state or region hospitality reception. Some are by invitation, but most are open. Times, days, and locations will be posted on the message board and in the onsite program…so join in! You will meet some great new people and see some familiar faces as well.

Visit the Exhibitors
The very latest in equipment, software, and other ‘tools of the trade’ are displayed in the Exhibit Hall. Note the hours of operation in the onsite program. Vendor exhibits are an integral part of the annual conference. Pick up some free samples or ideas, talk with vendors about new products, see equipment and software demonstrations, learn how vendor products can work for you, and get some great ideas to take back to the office.

Read the Daily Update
The first issue is available at the registration area. During the conference, this newsletter is published periodically and contains information about program changes, AACRAO events, and other conference information. Pick up each issue at locations throughout the convention center. 

Attend as Many Sessions as You Can
Start with the opening general session and plan your time from there. The workshops and sessions at the annual meeting cover a range of topics. There is something to suit every professional interest!  With the exception of workshops and ticketed events, you are free to attend whichever sessions you choose. If you signed up for a workshop/reception/luncheon requiring pre-registration and/or an additional fee, a receipt is included in your registration packet.

Offer Your Suggestions
Be sure to complete an evaluation for every session you attend. There will be a session evaluation notepad in your bag and you can also submit evaluation through the AACRAO Meeting Companion mobile app. Also, shortly after the conference, the Member Services Committee will e-mail first-time attendees with a brief electronic survey for your use in providing feedback on all aspects of the Annual Meeting to both the Committee and the organization. Please give it some thought, complete the form, and return it promptly as instructed. And by all means, be candid in your responses. Your suggestions will assist future conference planners in meeting the needs of all attendees.

Be Creative and Have Fun
Make the Annual Meeting work for you! Seek out and attend sessions, which will do you the most good. Save some time for enjoyment and relaxation. Make time to see the city. Visit some local sights, catch a show, or try some restaurants with your new friends. You will find that you return to the office refreshed and energized with new ways of thinking about how you do things. Above all, have a safe and successful conference.

Get Involved in AACRAO!
Contact people you met at the conference. Exchange information. Volunteer your talents to an AACRAO committee -- you can apply online. Attend local, state, and regional conferences and workshops. Share your expertise and experiences through program sessions and projects. You are a valuable part of the AACRAO network.  We have created a First-Time Attendee Handbook that outlines the “who and what” of AACRAO, things to know about, and how to get involved. It's a valuable resource! 

We hope you will make the most out of your time in Denver and that you will return to the 2015 Annual Meeting in Baltimore as a seasoned expert!