Technology Conference

Integrating Technology and Student Success on Campus

July 14 - 16, 2013
JW Marriott Starr Pass
Tucson, AZ

Course and Room Scheduling  

Construction of viable course (class) schedules that meet the needs of both students (workable class schedules) and the institution (maximizing instruction and classroom resources) is an increasingly difficult task. Institutions are serving an increased demand for courses (more students) while resources (money and classroom space) have remained constant or diminished. Sessions in this track are dedicated to the definition of the issues and to the policies, practices, and tools for dealing with them.
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Student Early Warning/Student Success Systems 

Sessions in this track will be dedicated to the implementation and/or operation of systems that identify students who need additional support and assistance in order to achieve academic success and persist to graduation. Sessions will discuss the collection of information from students, instructors, and other sources germane to student success; analysis of the data to determine appropriate parameters and attributes for projecting student success; and the systems supporting the dissemination of the information to appropriate staff.


This track will showcase the creative use of technology tools and information to resolve operational problems, enable effective decision making, and/or enhance the delivery of service to the constituency.

Registrar 'Tech'

Registrars have a unique suite of services to render, data to protect, operations to run, and constituencies to serve on behalf of the faculty at their institutions. Services must be tailored to meet the needs of each institution™s culture and academic requirements, while the application toolsets must be suitable for the campus™s technical environment. Sessions in this track will highlight applications, processes, practices, toolsets and a combination of all of the above that have proven to be effective in resolving or enhancing the business of the registrar.

Admissions 'Tech'

Admissions offices are the lifeblood of higher education institutions. The tools supporting the science and art of recruiting have never been more robust, flexible and, by default, more sophisticated. Sessions in this track will concentrate on the use of information and technology in order to achieve the enrollment goals of their respective institutions.


The efficiency and convenience of electronic data exchange (EDI/XML) of student information is almost taken for granted but also requires an understanding of existing data and security standards and practices. Other forms of technology tools are also becoming available and becoming commonplace at our institutions. These sessions will concentrate on the electronic transmission of student information and other technology tools that support the operations of registrar and admissions offices.