Stratetic Enrollment Management Conference

Special Opportunities for Institutional Teams

Success in implementing SEM depends on campus-wide involvement. There are numerous individuals and departments that are critical to achieving enrollment goals. With this in mind, many institutions find it useful to bring teams to the SEM Conference.

To recognize the importance of team involvement, the following opportunities are offered to groups from a single institution:

Reception for Institutional Teams 

Tuesday, November 12, 6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. 
An invitation will follow to eligible institutional teams

Reception sponsored by College Scheduler LLC


Customized SEM Consultation 

Through the resources of AACRAO Consulting, large institutional teams will have access to a seasoned SEM professional to help make the most of the SEM experience. Your customized SEM Consultation will include:
  • Pre-conference review of institutional SEM plan
  • Meeting with your SEM Team to discuss existing institutional SEM plans, and plan for making the most of the SEM Conference
  • 1-2 meetings during the conference to process ideas generated from conference sessions and discuss next steps in developing a SEM plan.

For additional information, contact Nicole Spero at speron@aacrao.org or (202) 355-1049.