Executive Symposium

November 10, 2013
Hilton Chicago
Chicago, Illinois

SEM Core Concepts and Environmental Scanning

Presenter: Jay Goff

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By promoting clarity of institutional mission from the perspective of student access and success, Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) provides a thoughtful paradigm to focus institutional efforts on how to best meet student needs and support their educational attainment.  Jay Goff's presentation will provide participants with an overview of key SEM concepts, including a focus on the student lifecycle continuum, setting institutional enrollment goals, data analysis, infrastructure analysis and the effective use of environmental scans.  The resulting alignment of institutional mission, enrollment goals and targeted investments enables planning that is more strategic, in turn leading to improved outcomes for students, campus departments and the institution as a whole. 

It Takes (at Least) Two to Tango:  Curriculum Planning for SEM

Presenter:  Christine Kerlin and Sunny Burns

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Instructional programs and course offerings are the real destinations of students. Partnerships among enrollment professionals, faculty, and instructional program leaders are critical in meeting the complex needs and demands of prospective and current students while also working within budget and resource parameters.  This presentation will provide examples of curriculum planning with an eye toward enrollment management strategies. Discussion will include data and budget analysis, curriculum restructuring, and creative approaches to instructional programming.  Participation is encouraged in order to expand those examples and suggest others.

Perspectives on Executive SEM Leadership

Presenter:  Andrea Schokker

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Even if most of your campus doesn't know what the acronym SEM means, you can turn that around and lead change to provide a lasting strategic enrollment focus.  After years of incredibly strong enrollment, UMD faced a decline in enrollment that had hit many institutions years earlier.  A quick turnaround was critical, but as we dug deeper into what needed to be done, the challenge seemed insurmountable at times.  With strong and engaged leadership, we were able to turn around entering student enrollment within a single year (projected at a 6.5% increase for fall).   More importantly, we have revamped our processes and culture for a long term strategy for enrollment management.