Sunday, March 25
Sunday, 8:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

7195: International Admissions GPS: A Global Journey  CANCELED

7351 Organizational Design: A Practical Approach to Optimizing your Workforce
Fee: $165

This workshop will help you determine if you are strategically deploying your workforce in support of your goals and provide a practical approach to redesigning your organization with the goal of optimizing your most important resource—your people.   We will cover a step-by-step process to evaluate, design, and implement a new organizational structure utilizing real-world examples and tools you can use at your own institution.

Erin Finn, Thomas Jefferson University

7811: The Tech Tools of Student Service
Fee: $160

Serving students and reducing barriers to their academic success is a shared mission on our campuses. Inquiries to our offices come both in volume and in all possible modalities. What tech tools are available to efficiently and effectively respond in a timely manner? How are they used, what do you need to know, how do they help and what should you avoid?  This workshop will provide guidance into the technology tools required to provide excellent student service and how to implement them.

Mark McConahay, Indiana University - Bloomington
Julie Selander, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Mike Szakaly, Indiana University - Bloomington

7777: State and Regional Officers Workshop
Fee: $0

All state and regional officers, committee chairs, and others in leadership roles within the state and regional organizations are encouraged to attend this FREE workshop.

Charlie Couch, University of Northern Colorado