Meeting Fees

**AACRAO considers anyone not affiliated with a college or university to fall into the Corporate Participant category and will review registrations and reclassify if necessary. If you are a company and are not exhibiting, sponsoring, or presenting at the meeting, you must register using the Member or Nonmember Corporation registration category (see fees below). If your company is participating in the meeting, please register through the Exhibitor, Sponsor, and Corporate Presenter link. 

Apply for a Conner Scholarship, which will fully cover the registration fee associated with attending an AACRAO meeting. Learn more.

Justification Letter: Use this customizable letter template to help get approval for conference attendance.  


Registration Category

February 16      

February 16   

      On Site         

Member (Named Roster Members Only)




Member Corporation 
(not exhibiting, sponsoring, or presenting)




Student Member (dues paid student)

 $330  $405  $430

Nonmember (Non-Roster Members)




Nonmember Corporation 
(not exhibiting, sponsoring, or presenting)




Minority First-Time Attendee (with signed application)




One Day Member Institution 




One Day Nonmember Institution 


$590 $620

Guest Registration for Spouses, Partners, Children 
(18 & over)


Guest Registration for Children (under 18)