U. of California Extends Transfer Deadline, Draws Criticism

The University of California announced it would extend its deadline for transfer students to apply to system campuses to January 4, reports Inside Higher Ed and The Los Angeles Times.

The previous deadline was at the end of November. The university said it made the extension because UC campuses recently committed to admitting more transfer applicants. Under the state's master plan, UC is aiming to enroll one transfer student for every two freshmen. The number of transfer applications decreased slightly this fall.

While the system is receiving praise for expanding seats and extending the deadline, it is also receiving criticism for extending the deadline for those who missed it but not for those who made it. Students who applied on time will not get priority consideration or be allowed to edit their application. "They didn't tell anyone about this extension until after the deadline," one student told the Times. "It's unfair how some lazy people were given another chance."


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