Texas Bill to Require Disciplinary Notations on Student Transcripts

Before adjourning for the year, the Texas Legislature considered a measure to include disciplinary notations on student transcripts, The Shorthorn reported.

House bill 3142 would require public institutions in the state to include a disciplinary notation on a student's transcript under certain circumstances. The legislation would apply to any student that is suspended or expelled from a college or university for any reason.

The University of Texas system already includes this notation on transcripts, but other institutions in the state do not.

During a committee hearing on the bill, HB 3142 sponsor Rep. Chris Turner, D-Grand Prairie, read aloud a woman's written testimony, detailing how she was violently raped and the attacker was able to move on to another school and avoid the consequences of the assault, according to the Shorthorn.

The Texas Legislature adjourned on Friday before the measure was considered by the full House.


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