Study Finds Many High School Diploma Options, Not As Much College Success

A new report by Achieve, a nonprofit group that works with states to raise academic standards and graduation requirements, found that while high school diploma options are increasing, they offer "false assurances" that graduates are ready for college or a job, reports The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Achieve analyzed the 93 diploma options available across 50 states and D.C. for the graduating class of 2014. Findings included: many states give students multiple diploma options, many of which do not assure college readiness; 20 states do not offer a diploma that requires students complete college- and career-ready standards in English and math; and only 9 states that offer multiple diplomas report which students complete which requirements, making interpretation of high school graduation rates difficult for policymakers.

Achieve's report was released amid growing concerns that high school graduates are not prepared for college. The American Association of Community Colleges, the Association of Community College Trustees, and Higher Ed for Higher Standards announced a plan last week to collaborate and push for more demanding high school graduation standards, reported the Chronicle. 


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