Is your marketing sending the right signals to students?

In the latest issue of SEMQ, author Gabriel Serna explores the intersections of marketing, signaling, and student identity. In his article "Insiders/Outsiders? Market Signaling and Student Identity in College Choice," Serna, assistant professor of higher education in Virginia Tech’s School of Education, provides questions to help practitioners determine if these elements are ingrained in their work.

“The primary goal of this article is to help SEM practitioners carefully consider both explicit and implicit assumptions that accompany the marketing function and its relationship to college choice based on an understanding of students’ identities,” he wrote.

“Dr. Serna takes a new view of marketing by considering the signals that we send to students and how they pick them up (or fail to),” said SEMQ Editor-in-Chief Tom Green. “Through this lens, Dr. Serna examines whether higher education marketing considers these signals, student identity, and how different students may interpret these as messages of who ‘fits’ at our institutions.”

“Arguably, the goal,” Serna wrote, “is to make more students who are fully prepared and who wish to attend college, feel like insiders to the college choice process. It is also to make certain that they can access the best education available to them based on ability and merit.”

Other articles in SEMQ 3:3 include: “Faculty’s  Role in Retention: A Case Study of Change Management at Ramapo College,” by Christopher Romano and Joseph F. Connell, Ramapo College of New Jersey; “Improving Student Success by Understanding Reasons For, Types Of, and Appropriate Responses To Stressors Affecting Asian Graduate Students in Canada,” by Andrew Kim, Memorial University of Newfoundland; “Tuition Discounting and Socioeconomic Diversity at Larger Private Universities,” by Jason Kent Reinoehl and Theodore J. Kowalski, University of Dayton.

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