Former Flagler College Official Inflated Admissions Data to Raise Institutional Profile

Nearly 200 students were misplaced in courses because of data manipulation at Flagler College, according to the findings of a months-long investigation into score alterations for incoming freshmen, The St. Augustine Record reports.

Earlier this year, the Florida college discovered that its vice president for enrollment management, who subsequently resigned, had altered admissions data – including grade point averages, class ranks and standardized test scores for incoming freshmen – in an effort to raise the institution's profile.

Some of the students placed into the wrong English and math courses as a result of the altered data ultimately failed those classes. School officials stated that they have reviewed the transcripts of all the students and have found ways to try and rectify the situation, allowing students to expunge those failed courses.

"We're going to do everything we can to make them whole and hold them harmless in terms of any adverse impact of the misplacement," Flager President William Abare Jr. told the Record.


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