Deferring a Year

Eighty leading colleges announced in September that they were creating a new basic application, which they in turn would customize, moving them away from reliance on the Common Application. At the time, members of the Coalition for Access, Affordability and Success said the new application would be released this summer, and coalition leaders acknowledged the possibility that not all members of the coalition would use it the first year out.

Now it turns out that a few dozen members of the coalition (which is now up to 93) don't plan to use the application during the next admissions cycle. Coalition leaders say this isn't a big deal, but some high school guidance counselors disagree -- especially since the coalition will not say which colleges are opting out of the application. In online discussions of admissions issues -- in which some counselors and college officials have been critical of the coalition from its launch -- officials said they were taken aback when they heard at coalition presentations that as many as 40 colleges might be opting out of the new application this year.

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