Admissions professionals to gather in L.A.

by: Nancy J Walsh, Director of Admissions Operations, Undergraduate Admissions, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Prior to the 2014 AACRAO Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Conference convening in Los Angeles in late October, one of the pre-workshops will be focused on admissions issues--the Admissions Forum @ SEM. This is the second year that the Admissions Forum has been part of the pre-SEM lineup. In its inaugural year, 24 attendees participated in the Forum, which was described as an exploration and discussion of various admissions topics.

The 2014 Admissions Forum @ SEM will be focused on three key areas, according Admissions Forum faculty member Melanie Gottlieb, Vice President for Enrollment Management at Cottey College. Along with two other faculty members, Gottlieb will offer presentations, hands-on exercises and discussion as they divide the full-day workshop into the three topic areas. The faculty members aim to give participants takeaways which can be implemented back on their campuses.

1. Luke Schultheis, Vice Provost for Strategic Enrollment Management at Virginia Commonwealth University, will begin the workshop by leading a discussion of how data can help build targeted recruitment and marketing plans and coordinate event management on your campus.

2. Gottlieb will follow by explaining how to develop specific benchmarks when identifying operational needs to meet your enrollment management goals. Her session will include both admissions and financial aid perspectives and how such goals can impact your institution’s overall budget. 

3. Jacquelyn Elliott, Chief Enrollment Specialist at Marion Military Institute, will round out the workshop by focusing on staffing issues – the recruitment, hiring, training and development of admissions staff to meet your enrollment goals.

Admissions managers are encouraged to attend the 2014 Admissions Forum @ SEM, held Sunday, October 26 in Los Angeles, to learn more about these topics and to share your own ideas and tips with the group. Gottlieb believes the Forum is a great kick-off to those interested in admissions topics and who are already planning to attend the SEM conference, or even admissions staff members who can only fit the pre-workshop into their schedules. 

For more information or to register for the Admissions Forum @ SEM, click here.

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