Writing Across the Institutions Conference: Initiating a Dialogue about Transfer Student Success in Writing

Transfer student conversations often revolve around registrar practices and credit equivalencies. Another important topic should be added to the mix, according to C.C. Hendricks, consultant to the Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) program at Appalachian State University (ASU).

“We need to have conversations about transfer student success in writing,” she said.  “Strong writing skills help students succeed in all curriculum.”

In her session at this year’s AACRAO Transfer Conference, Hendricks will talk about how faculty in one state—North Carolina—have built a dialogue around this issue at the Writing Across the Institutions Conference, an annual meeting geared toward improving student success through writing.

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C.C. Hendricks

Consultant, Writing Across the Curriculum at Appalachian State University

Writing Across the Institutions Conference: Initiating a Dialogue about Transfer Student Success in Writing

Sunday, July 06, 2014 1:45 PM - 3:00 PM


AACRAO: Why talk about writing at a transfer conference?

Hendricks: It’s a way to start the conversation about how writing courses transfer but also about how writing skills transfer as well. The session will focus on the questions How do we help transfer students succeed in writing? and Why is that important? We’ll talk about how we started the Writing Across the Institutions Conference and how other institutions may do so as well. We’ll talk about how the initial contacts are made and how to get a similar program going.

AACRAO: How is the conference organized?

Hendricks: We invite community college and university faculty from across the state or even outside of the state, and we discuss curriculum articulation agreements, and start a conversation about teaching writing. The entire conference is free, hosted on the ASU campus.

In 2009, WAC director Dr. Georgia Rhoades started the conference to get info out about our vertical writing model and share info about our courses. Since then, we’ve had conferences built on developmental writing, writing centers, STEM writing, and so on.

AACRAO: What kind of impact have these conversations had on transfer practices?

Hendricks: We’ve gotten very positive feedback, and the impact is manifesting in curriculum design at community college s and universities. Most recently, we’re talking about curriculum articulation agreements, which have been changing in North Carolina.  Community college faculty are now building courses and selecting texts and building curriculum based on the WAC model we have, which helps their transfer students be prepared for writing at universities.