Essentials of Transfer Marketing and Outreach

AZTransfer is a state-funded project in Arizona that facilitates community college-to-four year transfer among public colleges and universities. Erin Woodell, Director of Marketing and Communications, will be speaking about "Essentials of Transfer Marketing and Outreach” at her session at this year’s AACRAO Transfer Conference, to talk about how we communicate transfer options to students?

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Erin Woodell

Director of Marketing and Communications at
AZ Board of Regents/AZ Transfer

"Essentials of Transfer Marketing and Outreach”

Monday, July 07, 2014 8:00 AM - 9:15 AM

AACRAO: What is the structure of AZTransfer?

Woodell: Technically, it’s a function of the Arizona Board of Regents, a governing body for universities. We aren’t a company. We’re funded by public and tribal colleges.

AACRAO: How did the idea for your session come about?

Woodell: I’ve attended AACRAO’s Tech and Transfer Conference in the past, as well as other transfer conferences, and I can see that my position is unique because I’m not in the curriculuar program nor on the technical side of things. I’m the person who bridges gap between policy and students. I help answer the questions How do we communicate transfer options to students? Where do I find the students? What do I say?

I came up with the idea after seeing that often the advisors and admissions people involved don’t always have the necessary resources to recruit and communicate with students directly. As a one-woman show, trying to communicate transfer opportunities across Arizona, I’m in a unique position to help folks who don’t necessarily have a marketing/recruiting department.

AACRAO: What solutions have you found to help communicate with students?

All of the heavy lifting done by others to establish transfer credit, etc., has culminated in our website— It gets equal use from students, advisors, and faculty, to help students choose community college coursework that will be accepted at university.

One surprising thing I found in the market research was that students of all ages reported that if they receive something in the mail from their college, they were most likely to open it. Mail was a far more effective method of communicating with them than email or social media, for example.

In the session, I’ll share other strategies like this that have helped increase traffic to the AZTransfer website and increase transfer in Arizona with a limited budget and one-person staff (me). I’ll talk about communication styles and marketing language that works. I’ll have very practical tips that attendees can take home and make their own.