Enrollment Management Marketing and New Media in the Era of Big Data

Advances in technology have changed virtually every aspect of higher education—and the changes just keep coming. Revolutions in communication, information management and media offer the savvy professional opportunities in marketing, recruitment and enrollment management.

Jim Bouse, Associate Registrar for Technology at the University of Oregon, will discuss the possibilities and challenges in his presentation “Enrollment Management Marketing and New Media in the Era of Big Data” at this year’s AACRAO Annual Meeting in Baltimore.

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Jim Bouse

Associate Registrar for Technology

University of Oregon

Enrollment Management Marketing and New Media in the Era of Big Data

Wednesday, April 15, 2015 9:15 AM - 10:15 AM

AACRAO: For enrollment managers, what are the hot topics right now in technology?

Bouse: The session includes marketing and communications implications of big data, social media, monitoring and listening, viral and personalized video, CRM, predictive analytics, mobile computing, and online student communities. But the hot topics right now are probably how to use big data, and how you can leverage your 15 minutes of fame. By that I mean when you have a prominent event or activity—a sports event or other special activity going on at your institution—how can you go viral and expand exposure for your brand?

AACRAO: Let’s start with big data. Where’s that conversation right now?

Bouse:  Higher ed has a ton of data but is typically not good at effectively using it. Industry has “Big Data.” Higher education has a big pile of data—but not the effective analysis and application of it. We need to seek out trends and questions that may be exposed or predicted by analysis of data. At the session, we’ll get into how large industry players—Walmart, Amazon, Google—are learning from their data, and consider how institutions can do that in a way that’s effective but not overreaching or creepy.

Good data usage can make a huge difference in recruitment and retention, and we’ll look at some examples of how to use CRM systems to create an approachable, personalized experience, to help people visualize themselves at your institution.

AACRAO: So, how can an enrollment manager take advantage of these technologies—especially with limited resources or lack of experience?

Bouse: The exciting thing is that institutions are getting creative—engaging entrepreneurial students on campus or other resources that don’t require a dedicated IT department. They’re finding you can do a lot with few resources if you’re aware of trends—for example, like piggybacking off of something else that’s gone viral, such as doing a parody of a popular video.

At a minimum, admissions and enrollment managers should do “intelligence gathering.” Have someone on your staff who is aware of what’s going on with social media. It’s the lowest barrier to entry and the lowest cost, but it’s important to at least monitor what’s going on online relevant to your school. Check out Google alerts, monitor hashtags that involve your institution, review maps to make sure things are marked correctly, etc. Then at least you’re not completely in the blind about the conversations taking place about your institution.

AACRAO: We’re looking forward to seeing you in Baltimore! What do you look forward to about the Annual Meeting?

Bouse: I’m always learning more things—even in the area I’m presenting in. The meetings are a great place to find new ideas and meet people who are doing exciting things. I look forward to reconnecting with colleagues and meeting new people, and Baltimore’s Inner Harbor is beautiful.