Considerations and Best Practices in the Electronic Exchange of Student Transcripts: EDI, XML, PDF

LIVE FREE Webinar Date: Wednesday, June 3, 2015 2:00-3:00pm ET


A panel of experts will discuss the considerations and best practices for electronic exchange of EDI, XML, and PDF student transcripts. Participants will gain an understanding of current technologies enabling electronic transcript exchange, trends influencing institutional decisions to send and receive electronic transcripts, and develop an understanding in order to identify which technology might best fit their institution's needs. Webinar participants will have the opportunity to ask questions during the LIVE Q & A session.


Presenter: Doug Holmes

Software Developer, Ontario Universities' Application Centre





Doug has been a software developer at the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC), a centralized admission application processing service for the 20 universities in Ontario, Canada, since 1995. He was part of the original team which developed OUAC's EDI-based postsecondary transcript exchange system, and has augmented that system for PESC XML transcripts (both high school and postsecondary). He has worked with calculating GPA's from incoming electronic transcript data and has supported the OUAC's various proprietary admission application exchange systems. Doug has served as the Association of Registrars of Universities and Colleges of Canada (ARUCC) representative to the AACRAO SPEEDE Committee from 1998 - 2005, and from 2011 to present. In his spare time, he loves watching movies, with the favorite being The Lord of the Rings trilogy (extended editions).


Presenter: Susan Dorsey

Assistant Registrar, University of Colorado Boulder​





Susan Dorsey is the Assistant Registrar for Enrollment Services in the Office of the Registrar at CU Boulder, the area which oversees Boulder campus transcripts. She previously served as Assistant Registrar for Information Technology and before that handled central data storage systems and backups for the campus as well as server administration. Her first role at CU was as the director of the campus card system, bringing that product from a simple laminated card to an integrated card system functioning for libraries, food service and many other electronic verification and authorization purposes. She joined the SPEEDE committee in 2013 and is enjoying opportunities to contribute to improvements in electronic data exchange for higher ed. Living in Colorado, she of course loves snowboarding, mountain biking and scuba diving.​