AACRAO Survey of Electronic Transcript Delivery Services

AACRAO's VP for Records and Academic Services has directed a workgroup to collect information and report on the current availability and pricing of electronic transcripts delivery services. To this end we have developed this survey to identify prospective suppliers for the electronic delivery of transcripts and to describe their companies, services, and pricing. Results of this survey will be made available to AACRAO members in a report that will be published In AACRAO's College and University, as well the AACRAO website. In addition, the work group will also present the results of the survey at the AACRAO annual meeting in New Orleans, April 2010.

Please note that the workgroup will not recommend any one technology, vendor, or practice over another. The questions are intentionally exploratory and encourage you to provide detailed responses so that AACRAO members may conduct a prudent evaluation of the features, prices and services offered by each company. Our purpose is to describe the current state of electronic transcripts and to provide useful information to the AACRAO membership that will help them make an informed decision regarding whether or not they should deploy an electronic transcript service.

Thank you in advance for taking the time necessary to complete the survey.

Part 1

Short Answer (Yes, No, n/a, number, etc)  
Description / Explanation

What is your company's full name?       

SCRIP-SAFE International

Year of incorporation


How is your company organized?

For Profit, S CORP

List any other products/services you currently provide.

  • Transcript security paper
  • Diploma paper
  • Corporate security paper
  • Diploma printing service
  • Transcript ordering service
How many academic customers do you currently serve?   


How long has your company been providing electronic transcript services?    

4 years

Where or to whom should schools interested in learning more about your service be directed?  

Mindy Starcher
National Sales Director

800-736-7319  x126
419-253-0653  fax
Web link  


Where or to whom should technical questions be directed?   

J. James Wager
Vice President and CIO

800-736-7319 x122
513-697-7891 (fax)

Other information you wish to add

Visit our Web page (www.scrip-safe.com) for the dates and times of Web conferences that demonstrate our products.

Part 2

Short Answer (Yes, No, n/a, number, etc) 
Description / Explanation

In what format(s) can you deliver electronic transcripts? (Check all that apply)

  • PDF - Yes
  • EDI (ANSI X12 standard) - No
  • XML (PESC standard)
SCRIP-SAFE is a member of PESC and is an active member of the committee developing the new standard of delivering XML imbedded in a PDF document. Once this national standard is adopted, SCRIP-SAFE will be delivering this XML delivery capability.
  • ASCII/flat file - No
  • MS Word or MS Excel - No
  • Proprietary format - No
  • Other - No

Part 3

Short Answer (Yes, No, n/a, number, etc)
Description / Explanation

What data format do you require from the school as you prepare to deliver the school's transcript electronically? (Check all that apply)

  • PDF - Acceptable
SCRIP-SAFE will accept the print-stream that the school would otherwise send to a physical printer. If the school's student system produces a PDF document, that is acceptable.

  • EDI - No
  • XML - Acceptable 
See below

  • ASCII/flat file - Acceptable
See below

  • MS Word or MS Excel - Acceptable
See below

  • Proprietary format - No
  • Other - Acceptable
Multiple acceptable print-stream formats include postscript, text, data formats that can be printed using Internet Printing Protocols, or data formats transmitted using SecureFTP.

Does your system create the PDF for the sending institution?   

SCRIP-SAFE accepts the inbound print-stream and produces the deliverable transcript in PDF form.

If you deliver an electronic transcript in PDF format, does it include:   

  • Cover sheet?

  • If a cover sheet is provided, what information is included?

The cover page is dynamically generated for each transcript and includes:

* Information about the sending school including school Web site, Registrar office Web site, and course catalog Web site
* Information about the student
* Information about the receiver

  • Link to school website?


  • Link to registrar’s website?

  • Link to school course catalog?


  • School identity


The school logo or watermark is printed in color on each page of the delivered PDF transcript. Creation of the school identity is part of the core service.

  • Transcript Key/Legend


SCRIP-SAFE will replicate the transcript key/legend that the school uses on their security paper. Creation of the key/legend is part of the core service.

  • Other features

Part 4

Short Answer (Yes, No, n/a, number, etc)   
Description / Explanation

How do you distribute transcripts (Check all that apply)
  • Texas Server delivers to each recipient using the senders’ specified requirements.


  • Provide a secure web service where receivers can retrieve transcripts.


The SCRIP-SAFE system includes a capability for non-registered receivers to obtain transcripts. This is referred to as the out-of-network receivers. Each transcript delivered in this manner is provided through a uniquely named Web address (URL). Receivers must complete a brief registration process before viewing the transcript.

  • We utilize a network registry.


The SCRIP-SAFE system includes a trusted network of vetted receivers. There is no cost to join the network as a receiver. This is referred to as the in-network set of receivers. The advantage to the receiver is that all delivered transcripts from multiple senders may be easily retrieved by one simple login to a secure Web site.

  • We email the transcript.


Email is a very unsecure form of transmission. We do not email transcripts.

  • How are transcripts delivered to recipients unable to use the Texas Server or your in-network capabilities?


SCRIP-SAFE is capable of delivering transcripts to anyone. Both in-network and out-of-network capabilities exist and are equally available.

  • Are recipients required to be registered with your service?


This is the preferred option for a recipient that receives larger volumes of transcripts.

  • Other, please describe.

Once delivered to the recipient, will the transcript expire?


The SCRIP-SAFE business model is that our transcript delivery service is not a data warehouse. The delivered transcript is deleted from the SCRIP-SAFE system 24-hours after the transcript is received and opened by the recipient.

Once opened by the recipient, will the transcript expire for the recipient?


Recipients are instructed to:

* Save the received PDF document in a desktop/network directory
* Move the received PDF document directly into their document imaging system
* Print a copy of the PDF document (least desired option)
* As mentioned above, if the recipient takes no action to save after opening, they will not have access to the delivered transcript after the 24-hour expiration window.

Part 5

Short Answer  (Yes, No, n/a, number, etc)
Description / Explanation

Other than a PDF reader, does your system require any special software installation to receive delivered transcripts?


Receivers simply need access to the internet and a PDF reader such as the free Adobe Reader ®

NOTE: Questions below may pertain only to a PDF transcript.   

How are "mailboxes" established for recipients?

Recipients complete a brief registration process. SCRIP-SAFE performs an off-line verification of the recipient. Once the vetting is completed, an in-network account is established and the recipient is issues access credentials. This is intended to insure the integrity of all in-network receivers.

Does your system deliver to multiple "mailboxes" at a single school/organization?

Once the in-network account is established, this receiver account is available to all sending schools. This single point of access is very efficient for the recipient.

For those schools that have multiple offices that receive transcripts, the SCRIP-SAFE system enables multiple unique receiving accounts. Example: Undergraduate Admissions, Transfer Admissions, Graduate Admissions, University Employment.

Does your system deliver in batch to a single destination?   


Both options are supported.

Are recipients required to identify themselves each time transcripts are delivered?  

Only out-of-network receivers

Each transcript delivered to an out-of-network receiver requires the receiver to register for the receipt of the delivered transcript.

Are email(s) delivered to the receivers with instructions (perhaps including passwords and URL's) whenever a transcript is ready for be retrieved electronically?


In-network receivers receive notification messages immediately upon delivery, daily, and weekly. Out-of-network receivers receive daily email messages for 14-days or until the transcript is opened. Out-of-network email notifications include a uniquely assigned URL that is used to access the transcript.

Are students notified that their transcript requests have been delivered and have been opened by intended recipient?


The student receives two notifications: once when the transcript is delivered, and secondly when the transcript is received and opened. These email notifications are sent in real time, not batched.

Is the sending institution notified that transcripts have been delivered and opened by intended recipients?

As the recipient opens the transcript, this action is date/time stamped. The sending school is presented with this information along with the email address and name of the recipient that viewed the transcript.

Are transcripts delivered in real time?


Delivery occurs immediately. There is NOT any inherent delay due to batch or overnight processing.


Part 6

Short Answer (Yes, No, n/a, number, etc)
Description / Explanation

Does your service require a copy of the sending school's transcript data base?   

The school's transcript data base is private. We do not require a copy of this critical information.

Does your service store transcript data after delivery of the transcript?   

As mentioned previously, the transcript resides on the SCRIP-SAFE servers only until the transcript is read by the recipient. After being read, the transcript is deleted.

  • If so, for how long?

Deleted 24-hours after being read.

  • If so, can the transcript data be released multiple times?   

To remain FERPA compliant, the generated transcript is specifically released to the identified recipient.

  • If so, can the data be mined?

The student transcript is released by the student for the intended delivery to the identified recipient. Transcripts resident in the SCRIP-SAFE service DO NOT represent a data base that can or should be used for any other purpose.

How are delivered transcripts documented and reported if (after) they are physically removed from the system?   

Each transcript is date/time stamped when it is delivered, opened, and deleted. In addition, the person opening the transcript is recorded and identified.

Other information you wish to include.

Part 7

Short Answer (Yes, No, n/a, number, etc)
Description / Explanation

List the Student Information Systems on which you have installed your electronic delivery service.  

Multiple systems
Banner, PeopleSoft, Datatel, multiple home grown systems. The SCRIP-SAFE transcript delivery system works with any student information system.

Describe a typical installation process and the time required for implementation and activation of your system.   

Hours to days
A typical installation consists of two steps. First, we establish a connection between the school's student information system and the SCRIP-SAFE transcript delivery service. We provide 5 different connection methods and select the single method that best accommodates the school's environment. Second, SCRIP-SAFE configures the inbound transcript to add the cover page, watermark, and transcript key/legend.

Does your service require the use of proprietary software?

The SCRIP-SAFE delivery service does not require the purchase or installation of any proprietary software or software licenses. The service is Web based; all software issues are the complete responsibility of SCRIP-SAFE.

What are the minimum hardware/software requirements that your service requires of a school, if any?  


The SCRIP-SAFE delivery service does not require the purchase or installation of any hardware. Users will need to have typically configured workstations connected to the internet.

Describe how your system accommodates multi-campus delivery and reporting requirements.  

In a multi-campus environment, the SCRIP-SAFE delivery service will create a separate account for each campus. This will enable each campus to operate as a separate entity from other campuses. If there is a need or desire to aggregate management level information for all campuses, this service will be provided.

Describe the on-line help capability your system provides to all users.

The SCRIP-SAFE delivery service includes integrated on-line help. Each individual Web screen is documented and an overall help index and full system documentation are also available.

Part 8

Short Answer (Yes, No, n/a, number, etc)
Description / Explanation

How are institutional/campus administrators selected and authorized?


The school will identify one or more account administrator(s). The account administrator has local authority to add/delete an unlimited number of account users.

Is the data that you send/receive encrypted?


All data transmitted across the Internet is encrypted.

Is the data that you send sent through some form of secure FTP?


The SCRIP-SAFE system offers 5 different technologies to establish connection between the school's student information system and our system. One of these connection methods is SecureFTP.

Are any networks secured?


The network utilized in the SCRIP-SAFE system is secure and incorporates all typical firewall, intrusion detection software, data backup, and other standard secure network functions used in banking and electronic commerce applications.

Are any servers secured?   


See above

If you deliver PDF transcripts, are they secured via a digital signature?


See below

If NO, how does your system ensure that transcripts are authentic and have not been altered?
The SCRIP-SAFE system utilizes a document hash value to guarantee authenticity of the document. The hash value provides the receiver with two guarantees: 1) The document was sent from the school as claimed; 2) the document has not been altered since it was sent.

How are delivered electronic transcripts verified as authentic over time?   


The SCRIP-SAFE system provides a free public service to upload a PDF document to the system. On receipt, the hash value for the received document is computed and tested against the expected hash value. If the values are different, an invalid document message is returned to the sender. If the values match, a valid document message is returned to the sender.

Describe the use and assignment of user passwords.   


All passwords are assigned by the user. Passwords must be at least 8 characters in length and must contain at least one letter and one number. Passwords are encrypted and the unencrypted value is NOT available in plain text to anyone.

Part 9

Short Answer (Yes, No, n/a, number, etc)  
Description / Explanation

Is your service utilized in high schools?   


Describe any features only used by high schools.


All system services are available to high schools.

Part 10

Short Answer (Yes, No, n/a, number, etc)
Description / Explanation

What reporting functions are included with your service?   


The SCRIP-SAFE system includes an extensive and dynamic reporting service. Multiple search (filter) parameters enable flexible reporting. Multiple standard report formats are available. In addition, all reports may be exported as Excel files. Reports are run online and real-time.

Can you report the number (by type, e.g. PDF, XML, EDI) of transcripts delivered on a monthly basis, weekly basis, etc.?   

The SCRIP-SAFE system is limited to PDF delivery.

Are your reporting services offered at additional cost?   

The reporting feature is an integral component of the system and does not represent any additional cost.

Part 11

Short Answer (Yes, No, n/a, number, etc)
Description / Explanation

Is a binding contract required?   


The SCRIP-SAFE business philosophy is that if the school is not satisfied with our service, we will not hold the school contractually liable. Our success has been to exceed the expectations of our customers.

If yes, please describe contract period.


Is there a per transcript fee? How much?   

$1.00 or $0.55   

$1.00 “ for schools that do not use our transcript security paper

$0.55 “ for schools that use our transcript security paper

Is there an installation/initiation fee?   

Is there an annual fee?  

$400 per year for high schools

$500 per year for post secondary schools

Are there initial or annual third party license fees?   

Do you offer tiered pricing/service models? If so, please explain.   

Are there charges for training?   

Do you offer discounts?

Per transaction fee based on use of our security paper

Are there code escrow fees?   


Are there charges for upgrades or new releases?   


Are fees borne entirely by the sender?

Are there fees borne by the recipient?  

Sender “ yes

Recipient “ no fees    

Is pricing bundled to other services?   


Describe your customer support program.   
Each customer is assigned a personal account representative and technical contact. These representatives are familiar with the assigned school, school representatives, and school practices. We take pride in our personalized customer service. In the event that the assigned representative is not available, other SCRIP-SAFE representatives are available.

How is your transcript delivery system documented?  

The service includes online documentation that is integrated into the Web application. Each Web page has contact sensitive help information. In addition, a complete system help document is available, along with a topical index of help features.

Part 12

Short Answer (Yes, No, n/a, number, etc)  
Description / Explanation

Please list and describe the 5 top benefits of your system.         

  • Fully Trackable   
eSCRIP-SAFE's enhanced tracking capabilities keeping you and your student in the know “ automatically confirming delivery, reporting when each transcript was opened, even pinpointing who opened them.

  • Instant Delivery
With eSCRIP-SAFE you can deliver official electronic transcripts via our secure network in seconds (not weeks or days) to anyone, anywhere in the world .

  • Responsive Service
Your students won't have to worry about missing a deadline or a job opportunity because their transcript was slow arriving or lost in the mail. SCRIP-SAFE listens to our customers and we constantly add and enhance program features to improve service. Find out why 100% of eSCRIP-SAFE users would recommend eSCRIP-SAFE to their colleagues.

  • Affordable and Easy to Use

* Contact free. We deliver what you expect or you end the relationship with no penalty
* Intuitive
* Less expensive than traditional transcript printing/mailing
* Adaptable to any student information system and does not require extensive IT involvement

  • Unmatched Document Security
For 20 years, SCRIP-SAFE has been the leader in transcript security paper. Now we're leading the way in electronic transcripts. Encrypted data are transmitted via a secure internet connection applying the same high security protocols and confidentiality standards used for online banking and commerce.

Describe any features of your service not previously mentioned.

Part 13

Short Answer (Yes, No, n/a, number, etc)
Description / Explanation

Are you an AACRAO member?   

SCRIP-SAFE has been a corporate member since 1994.

Are you a PESC member?   

Our representative is J. James Wager, Vice President and CIO

Are you contracted to provide services to a state(s), region or consortium?  

SCRIP-SAFE has been awarded contracts in multiple states.

List any other affiliations pertinent to electronic transcript services.   

Attach a list (or active link) identifying the postsecondary institutions using your services as receiving and/or sending institutions.  

Please see the Network Members under the Electronic Transcripts link

Part 14

Short Answer (Yes, No, n/a, number, etc)
Description / Explanation

This area is focused on transcript delivery. Briefly describe:    

Do you offer a transcript ordering service?   

The SCRIP-SAFE transcript ordering service is provided to the school at no cost. Students pay a service fee of $2.25 for each transcript request. The service can be used as a standalone service and also integrated into the school's secure student portal. The ordering service collects the school's transcript fee, and the fee is completely reimbursed to the school.

Is your ordering service integrated with your delivery service?   

The SCRIP-SAFE transcript ordering service is highly integrated with our transcript delivery service. However, each service may be used without the other if so desired by the school

Can other ordering services be used with your delivery service?   


SCRIP-SAFE has collaborated with Credentials Inc. to integrate the Credentials ordering service with the SCRIP-SAFE delivery service.