AACRAO Survey of Electronic Transcript Delivery Services

AACRAO's VP for Records and Academic Services has directed a workgroup to collect information and report on the current availability and pricing of electronic transcripts delivery services. To this end we have developed this survey to identify prospective suppliers for the electronic delivery of transcripts and to describe their companies, services, and pricing. Results of this survey will be made available to AACRAO members in a report that will be published In AACRAO's College and University, as well the AACRAO website. In addition, the work group will also present the results of the survey at the AACRAO annual meeting in New Orleans, April 2010.

Please note that the workgroup will not recommend any one technology, vendor, or practice over another. The questions are intentionally exploratory and encourage you to provide detailed responses so that AACRAO members may conduct a prudent evaluation of the features, prices and services offered by each company. Our purpose is to describe the current state of electronic transcripts and to provide useful information to the AACRAO membership that will help them make an informed decision regarding whether or not they should deploy an electronic transcript service.

Thank you in advance for taking the time necessary to complete the survey.

Part 1

Short Answer (Yes, No, n/a, number, etc)
Description / Explanation
What is your company's full name Docufide, Inc.
Year of incorporation

How is your company organized?

C Corporation

List any other products/services you currently provide.

  • Secure Transcript “ K12
  • Secure Transcript “ College
  • eduDOCS,
  • Student Record Exchange,
  • Transcript Request Services,
  • and eDOCS (w/Naviance)

Serving as Education's Trusted Intermediary TM, Docufide focuses solely on electronically delivering, analyzing, and managing the use of academic records for the K-12 and higher education marketplaces.

How many academic customers do you currently serve?

Over 6,000 high schools
Over 1,200 colleges

How long has your company been providing electronic transcript services?

7 years

Where or to whom should schools interested in learning more about your service be directed?

Jeffrey Harris, Vice President
jharris@docufide.com 805-499-2228

Web link

Where or to whom should technical questions be directed?

Jeffrey Harris, Vice President
jharris@docufide.com 805-499-2228
Other information you wish to add
See explanation
Docufide is fortunate to have been competitively selected for 10 statewide electronic transcript initiatives, the Midwest Higher Education Compact, and the Career College Association. Docufide's delivery services are also available to all Naviance Succeed customers.

Part 2

Short Answer (Yes, No, n/a, number, etc)
Description / Explanation

In what format(s) can you deliver electronic transcripts? (Check all that apply)

  • PDF - YES
  • EDI (ANSI X12 standard) - YES
  • XML (PESC standard) - YES
  • ASCII/flat file - No
  • MS Word or MS Excel - No
  • Proprietary format - No
  • Other

Mail (Security Paper)

Delivered via the U.S.P.S. and FedEx. International mail and overnight delivery will be available in 2010.

Part 3

Short Answer (Yes, No, n/a, number, etc)
Description / Explanation

What data format do you require from the school as you prepare to deliver the school's transcript electronically? (Check all that apply)

  • PDF - YES
Docufide does not require any particular input format. Our services work with any school using any student information system. We process the received transcript data, store it as image and XML and deliver it in the format appropriate to the receiver

  • EDI - YES
  • XML - YES
  • ASCII/flat file - YES
  • MS Word or MS Excel - YES
  • Proprietary format - YES
  • Other - YES

Does your system create the PDF for the sending institution?

Or we can use the sender's own PDF
If you deliver an electronic transcript in PDF format, does it include:

  • Cover sheet?
  • No
We previously included a cover sheet. It has now been removed since colleges preferred it to be omitted.

  • If a cover sheet is provided, what information is included?
  • N/A

  • Link to school website?
  • Yes
When included in the transcript

  • Link to registrar's website?
  • Yes
When included in the transcript

  • Link to school course catalog?
  • Yes
When included in the transcript

  • School identity?
  • Yes

  • Transcript Key/Legend?
  • Yes
  • Other features
* Standardize format for easy processing.
* Unique tracking number.
* Digital signature on all delivered PDF’s.
* For postsecondary transcripts, ability for institution to upload own seal/logo to be included on each delivered transcript.

Part 4

Short Answer (Yes, No, n/a, number, etc)
Description / Explanation

How do you distribute transcripts (Check all that apply)
  • Texas Server delivers to each recipient using the senders' specified requirements
  • Provide a secure web service where receivers can retrieve transcripts.

  • We utilize a network registry.
  • We email the transcript.
Docufide allows any college or university to register to receive transcripts from us through a number of methods, including secure web download, sFTP, and routed through the Texas Server.

Docufide notifies registered administrator's when transcripts are awaiting download and they then log in to securely access the available student records.
When the recipient is not registered with Docufide (3 rd parties, scholarship funds, etc.), we notify them via email of the availability of an electronic transcript to be securely downloaded from Docufide.

  • How are transcripts delivered to recipients unable to use the Texas Server or your in-network capabilities?
See explanation   

When not registered with Docufide: delivery through the mail, or email notification prior to secure download. When registered with Docufide: secure download, secure web service, or sFTP.

  • Are recipients required to be registered with your service?   
Generally they are registered, but they need not be.
Over 1,200 postsecondary institutions have registered with Docufide to electronically receive student records from us.

  • Other, please describe.  
sFTP, secure download as individual PDF or zip file from Docufide
Receiving institutions are provided several ways to control the acceptance of student records (downloading by document type, individual, etc.)

Once delivered to the recipient, will the transcript expire?

Once opened by the recipient, will the transcript expire for the recipient?


Part 5

Short Answer (Yes, No, n/a, number, etc)
Description / Explanation

Other than a PDF reader, does your system require any special software installation to receive delivered transcripts?

NOTE: Questions below may pertain only to a PDF transcript.

How are "mailboxes" established for recipients?

See Explanation
Docufide supports multiple registered administrators who can access secure download .

Does your system deliver to multiple "mailboxes" at a single school/organization?


Does your system deliver in batch to a single destination?


Are recipients required to identify themselves each time transcripts are delivered?


Are email(s) delivered to the receivers with instructions (perhaps including passwords and URL's) whenever a transcript is ready for be retrieved electronically?  

Yes. See Explanation   

Registered receivers receive at most one email per day indicating that documents are waiting to be received.

Only when a student chooses to provide a specific email address and send a transcript electronically to a receiver not registered with Docufide will they receive an email for each transcript.

Are students notified that their transcript requests have been delivered and have been opened by intended recipient?

Student is notified that the transcript has been accepted by the recipient. Notification can be personalized by the recipient.

Is the sending institution notified that transcripts have been delivered and opened by intended recipients?


They are notified that the transcript has been delivered and confirmed as received .

Are transcripts delivered in real time?



Part 6

Short Answer (Yes, No, n/a, number, etc)
Description / Explanation

Does your service require a copy of the sending school's transcript data base? 

See explanation   

While Docufide can support this approach, many institutions have not been ready to do so. Docufide does support periodic bulk uploading of all transcripts in support of its statewide transcript repository services. The final choice is that of the schools.

Does your service store transcript data after delivery of the transcript?


Transcript can be re-downloaded during the 90 day period by the recipient .

  • If so, for how long?
Transcripts are stored for the recipient for 90 days from confirmation of delivery. The most recent transcript may be stored for the sending school to facilitate auto-approval settings and automated workflow options .
  • If so, can the transcript data be released multiple times?

Transcript can be re-downloaded during the 90 day period by the recipient

  • If so, can the data be mined?
As part of a statewide transcript repository when contracted .

How are delivered transcripts documented and reported if (after) they are physically removed from the system?

See explanation

Standardized reporting and adhoc queries about all deliveries performed by Docufide are available indefinitely (accessed by tracking number, student, recipient, sending school, etc.). Not the transcript content.

Other information you wish to include.

Part 7

Short Answer(Yes, No, n/a, number, etc)
Description / Explanation

List the Student Information Systems on which you have installed your electronic delivery service.


Docufide supports all SIS's (K-12 and College) and have installed to over 50 different SIS's as well as homegrown systems .

Describe a typical installation process and the time required for implementation and activation of your system. 

See explanation

* Institution downloads/installs client software and uploads sample transcripts (15 min)
* Docufide develops translation template converting existing transcript into XML (2-3 weeks elapsed)
* Primary administrators attend a 1-hour live training session and support materials are provided for staff and students
* Service is activated

Does your service require the use of proprietary software?

See explanation
Proprietary software (thin client) is used to securely capture and upload (encrypted) student records to Docufide's servers for processing. Docufide can also support a fully web-based capture workflow if sought.

What are the minimum hardware/software requirements that your service requires of a school, if any?

See explanation

PC or MAC connected to SIS and Internet. If a Unix environment, a windows print server attached to the network.

Describe how your system accommodates multi-campus delivery and reporting requirements.   

See explanation  

Docufide supports multi campus setup, where a 'parent' account can access 'child' campus accounts and integrated reporting.

Describe the on-line help capability your system provides to all users.  

See explanation
Docufide provides administrators access to multiple levels of support from web-based FAQ's and customer service email to direct phone support.

Part 8

Short Answer (Yes, No, n/a, number, etc)
Description / Explanation

How are institutional/campus administrators selected and authorized?

See explanation   

A primary contact is identified in the sale and/or initial roll out process. The primary contact can configure additional accounts (including the ability to set up other users with permission to add/edit/delete user accounts).

Is the data that you send/receive encrypted?   

Yes. See explanation   

Yes, all data that is sent/received is encrypted using end-to-end 128bit SSL.

Is the data that you send sent through some form of secure FTP?   

Yes. See explanation
Yes, all data sent through FTP is sent using SFTP (secure FTP).

Are any networks secured?   
Yes. See explanation  

The Docufide network and all of its components are secured. Docufide utilizes a secure Tier 1 hosting provider. All access to the hosting facility is strictly controlled through rigorous physical security practices. All access to, and changes to, the physical environment are recorded in a change log for auditing purposes.

Application servers in the Docufide Data Center are protected by a firewall that blocks unauthorized communication with the servers. All connections to the data center, between subnets and between servers are monitored and logged by the firewall.

Application servers communicate with Docufide database servers through a separate subnet, or network interface card, within the Data Center network. The database servers also use a unique private IP address that is known only to the application server, preventing access from outside system (not internet routable). Each subnet and server communicates through and is protected by the firewall; all connections are logged by the firewall.

Are any servers secured?   

Yes. See explanation
See answer above.

If you deliver PDF transcripts, are they secured via a digital signature?  

Yes. See explanation

Docufide supports certification of all PDF deliverables including transcripts.

If NO, how does your system ensure that transcripts are authentic and have not been altered?

See explanation
How are delivered electronic transcripts verified as authentic over time?  

See explanation   

The content of the transcript is verified as authentic by verifying the source of the data on transmission and verifying the data during the processing of the transcripts. Once the transcript deliverable is produced, Docufide delivers the transcript securely to the destination. Documents may be re-downloaded securely from Docufide up to 90 days from initial delivery. Additionally, Docufide supports digital verification of the PDF document to assure that it has not been modified once produced.

Describe the use and assignment of user passwords

See explanation   

Each user of the system receives a unique username and password (which they can reset). Additionally, users can be set up with restricted access to assure that only those users with adequate permission can access identified areas and data. Transcript and other student and confidential data as well as reports can only be accessed by entering a valid username/password combination and being authenticated. Unauthorized attempts are detected and entry to the system is blocked. Once the user is authenticated and logged in, all data submitted by the user and reported back by the system is encrypted using end-to-end 128 bit SSL encryption.

Part 9

Short Answer (Yes, No, n/a, number, etc)
Description / Explanation

Is your service utilized in high schools?


Describe any features only used by high schools.   

See explanation

* Ability to upload associated school forms and documents (letters of recommendation, secondary school reports, and school profiles).
* Docufide software is embedded with, or integrates with, high school counseling software products like Naviance Succeed.
* Only vendor to deliver transcripts electronically to the Common Application online.

Part 10

Short Answer (Yes, No, n/a, number, etc)
Description / Explanation

What reporting functions are included with your service?
See explanation
Full range of standardized reports and adhoc query capabilities to monitor all transcripts requested and delivered with current status.

Can you report the number (by type, e.g. PDF, XML, EDI) of transcripts delivered on a monthly basis, weekly basis, etc.?  


Full range of standardized reports and adhoc query capabilities to monitor all transcripts requested and delivered with current status.

Are your reporting services offered at additional cost?


Part 11

Short Answer (Yes, No, n/a, number, etc)
Description / Explanation

Is a binding contract required?

We require sending schools to sign our Service Agreement allowing Docufide to become an authorized agent capable of delivering official records on their behalf.

If yes, please describe contract period.   

3 years
Is there a per transcript fee? How much?


Docufide support a variety of payment alternatives. Transactions can be subsidized under statewide initiative, receiving institution, sending school, or requestor (typically student).

Is there an installation/initiation fee?   

For direct sales (outside of a statewide or subsidized initiative) there is typically a one-time installation/license fee for the duration of contract.

Is there an annual fee?   

Not typically
Are there initial or annual third party license fees?   


Do you offer tiered pricing/service models? If so, please explain.


Are there charges for training?   


Do you offer discounts?   

Are there code escrow fees?   

Are there charges for upgrades or new releases? 


Are fees borne entirely by the sender?

Are there fees borne by the recipient?   


Docufide support a variety of payment alternatives. Transactions can be subsidized under statewide initiative, receiving institution, sending school, or requestor (typically student).

Is pricing bundled to other services? 

Describe your customer support program.         

Customer service agents are available to both sending and receiving schools as well as students and parents. We offer phone, email, and web-based support.

How is your transcript delivery system documented?   

See explanation   

Information about Docufide's transcript delivery system is available both through the Web and hardcopy documents. Docufide's Web site provides:

* An FAQ section that includes answers to commonly asked questions about transcript delivery
* Downloadable user guides, technical and general informational documents.
* Online self-paced training demos that cover all major system features

Hardcopy documents that describe the delivery system are provided to all administrative system users during the system rollout and implementation process. Docufide also maintains a technical document library that includes documentation that addresses specific user installation environments.

Part 12

Short Answer (Yes, No, n/a, number, etc)
Description / Explanation

Please list and describe the 5 top benefits of your system.        

  • Experience “ Docufide has delivered over 2.5 million student records (transcripts, letters of rec., counselor forms, etc.) from thousands of high schools and colleges to tens of thousands of destinations for close to seven years. Thousands of colleges have registered to receive from us electronically and our sender and receiver network grows daily
  • Full service “ Docufide is the only vendor to provide a comprehensive e-transcript solution that handles online ordering (and fees when necessary), processing, and secure delivery in numerous formats (PDF, EDI, XML, USPS, FedEx) and methods (via download, sFTP, web service), to anywhere globally
  • Breath and depth of services “ Docufide regularly releases product enhancements into our core services (at no extra cost) that come directly from customer feedback
  • Customer service “ Docufide's multi-level support is included at no additional charge; supporting the needs of students and administrators
  • Ease of installation and use “ We stand alone in providing solutions that are non-intrusive, model yet optimize current workflows and can be implemented and operational for high schools or colleges in less than two hours of their time.
Describe any features of your service not previously mentioned.        

Because of our work in several statewide initiatives, we've added functionality that can further enhance the value of the system for all stakeholders including:

  • Admissions controlled transcript requests
  • Secondary course normalization to the NCES SCED standard
  • 9-12 transcript evaluation services against a state graduation or university system admissions standard
  • Transcript repository and analytics across all participating schools P-20.

Part 13

Short Answer (Yes, No, n/a, number, etc)
Description / Explanation

Are you an AACRAO member?  


Are you a PESC member?   


Are you contracted to provide services to a state(s), region or consortium?   


Under contract for statewide projects in:

  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Indiana
  • Kansas
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Nebraska
  • Wisconsin
  • South Carolina
Competitively awarded region-wide contract with the Midwest Higher Education Compact (consortium of 12 states). Initial contract recently renewed.

Competitively awarded contract with Career College Association (1,400 members) .

Competitively awarded contract with the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) for all campuses.

List any other affiliations pertinent to electronic transcript services.
  • Sole vendor delivering electronic transcripts to Common Application online
  • Deliver transcript electronically to NCAA
Attach a list (or active link) identifying the postsecondary institutions using your services as receiving and/or sending institutions.   

See explanation   

Over 1,200 U.S. colleges and universities, including all Common Application members have agreements with Docufide to receive our documents electronically.

We've delivered transcripts (on security paper) to thousands of other destinations including over 1,500 other postsecondary institutions.

Part 14

Short Answer (Yes, No, n/a, number, etc)  
Description / Explanation

This area is focused on transcript delivery. Briefly describe:  

Do you offer a transcript ordering service?  


See previous description.

Is your ordering service integrated with your delivery service?   


Can other ordering services be used with your delivery service?